Given the new concept of modern management, Management in sight, the Dashboard solution allows the company to display, in real time, the most diverse numbers and graphs of the corporate day-to-day.

What is Dashboard?

In the search for space, highlight in the market and success, many companies have adopted the concept of Management in sight, which is to make available to the employees and managers of the organization the actual and current numbers of key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of existing operations. The KPI serves to measure the development of the areas and that of the company as a whole, informing the essential metrics for the company.

Instead of sharing your company's KPIs by email, daily reports, or printed on a bulletin board, you can dynamically display them in a Digital Corporate Dashboard.

Information Automation

The B2 solution allows the presentation of this information in tables and graphs, all generated automatically. That's it! Our system extracts data from your company's internal system.

You can also work by switching content from the Dashboard to the endomarketing of Corporate TV / Digital Mural.

How it works


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