Digital Display

Installation of TV monitors or LED panels in order to encourage the sale of products or services. An attractive showcase is the right strategy to increase sales in your POS.

What is Digital Showcase?

With increasingly fierce competition for customer attention, it is increasing the number of stores and franchising chains opting for window displays in digital format with easy content management.

The installation of monitors in the window of the stores or at strategic points inside, allows the immediate placement of one or more campaigns in several units at the same time reaching consumers directly and dynamically.

Dynamic display products

Besides the difficulty to expose items, a static showcase does not include all the highlights that your company would like to emphasize, and therein lies the great advantage of the digital showcase of B2 Media, which allows the display of more than one of your products or parts also reducing the windows maintenance costs for the exchange of collections or campaigns. With our digital showcase model, your shop even more attract the attention of potential customers.

Impact of Digital Showcase?

In a survey conducted by Digital Screenmedia Association, 1 in every 5 people is positively impacted by TVs in Points of Sale, sufficiently to purchase the advertised product or service, and may raise revenues by over 20%.

How it works?


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