Menu Board

Also known as Digital Menu, the Board Menu is by applying a set of monitors (2 or more) usually positioned on the boxes POS, displaying their products in a more direct way to the consumer.

What's Menu Board?

The Board Menu is the ideal tool for retail businesses such as restaurants, bars and fast food. The Board of B2 Media Menu allows you to display products on screens in a way that retains greater attention than traditional menus with backlight.

Our solution also enables the content view in isolation and / or joint at the same time, displaying, at certain times, an integrated message to complete all the monitors and then resuming the display of products on individual screens.

Shared screen

The contents of your digital menu can be easily upgraded. The B2 Media system extracts automatically all internal system information of your company. content management is very practical and can be done at the point of sale (shop) or store groups, facilitating the day to day network management.

Impact on retail

In a survey conducted by Digital Screenmedia Association, 1 in every 5 people is positively impacted by TVs in Points of Sale, sufficiently to purchase the advertised product or service, and may raise revenues by over 20%.

How it works

Benefits Menu Board

More customers

With an attractive content on your Board Menu, more people will visit your establishment.


Let your team focused on serving customers. The schedule Menu Board can be made out of the POS business hours or by a central team.


Better control what is shown to your customers. Change prices, texts and images in the time you want.


Reduce the cost of printing and distribution of menus throughout the operation.

Less queue time

The perception of queue time decreases, since the client has retained his attention screens and is entertained by the content while waiting for the service.


The contents can be automatically programmed to display.


And learn how to improve communication between leaders and employees.

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