• 10/01/2020
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03 June-day of the HR professional

03 June-day of the HR professional - B2 Midia


03/06-day of the HR professional

This Friday (03/06) is celebrated the day of the HR professional.

Congratulations to HR professionals, we appreciate the partnership and professionalism with which you take care of the most valuable capital of the company, the human being.

In this video we honor this strategic professional who acts in several areas and contributes to the growth of the company on several fronts.

Among the main functions of this multi-tasking Professional are:




Compensation of employees


In some cases the internal communication, corporate or with employees is also connected to the human resources department.

Check out this animation prepared by B2:

Click here to learn about the solutions that the B2 media has that can help HR professionals to transmit information to their employees.

See other videos prepared by our creative team on commemorative dates, if you have the need for a specific animation please contact us via email: comercial@b2.uwex.tec.br and request a quote.

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