• 09/01/2020
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20 July-international day of friendship

20 July-international day of friendship - B2 Midia


20 July-international day of friendship

International Friendship Day aims to promote a culture of peace among all people, celebrating like that cultural diversity and mutual respect.

In Brazil, the friendship is honored in many days. Brazilians celebrate friend’s day on April 18, in an unofficial capacity, and on July 20 the day of the Friend and International Friendship, from an initiative that arose in Argentina.

Friend’s day origin

Friend’s day and international day of friendship, concluded on 20 July, was first adopted in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, through a decree. Gradually came to be celebrated in other parts of the world, and today almost all countries celebrate this date.

The date was created by Argentine Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, which considered the arrival of man on the moon as a symbol of unity between all human beings.

The first celebration was intended to celebrate the arrival of man on the Moon, meaning that together, people could be able to overcome almost impossible challenges.

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