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3.0 management: how this template changes the form of lead

3.0 management: how this template changes the form of lead - B2 Midia


The Management model 3.0 redefines the concept of leadership 

3.0 management is a movement of innovation in the form of leadership, team management and processes. This move redefines the concept of leadership and transforms it into something broader than a simple task control, demands and supplies.

“The new management model comes to share the responsibilities and knowledge, working together to get the best results by leveraging the skills of individual members of a given team maintaining the sustainability and excellence of results as main objective,” explains Marcelo Scharra, administrator and management consultant from Inside Business Design.

The startups have brought Management 3.0 to the reality of the business, not only as a tool of excellence, but as a guarantee of sustainability in construction enterprises and its relationship with society.

“Automated technology processes, reduced the distance between the customer and the business and greatly increased the speed at which the market becomes. This speed of transformation requires adaptive capacity companies which becomes impractical with the traditional management model where the moves are slow and defined in accordance with competitive interests. 3.0 management communities value companies that save resources, offer good solutions and solve a problem. In this sense, technology is the greatest tool to replace and develop ancient forms to manage the workflow, the people of a particular team and the Corporation as a whole, “he says.

The traditional model of management is still quite representative, once the largest companies were developed in this way. Increasingly, the adoption of a flexible management model, at the expense of the traditional linear model, becomes a matter not only of improving, but of survival for businesses.

Today, the work environment is more valued and the search goes beyond compensation. Professionals looking for career plan, happiness, well-being and satisfaction at what he does. This behavior interferes with the bureaucratic management standard, and leaders are increasingly aware that this pattern no longer works.

“The role of the leader in managing 3.0 is to be a facilitator. He needs to understand deeply the company, the market in which it operates, the target audience you want to meet and even the potential of your staff to forward the work processes for from the Union of all the skills and resources available to create effective and advantageous solutions to deliver to the market. Currently, despite being a new concept, there are books and coaching courses that help leaders to awaken this style of behavior in their day to day, once the management 3.0 is a change just the Manager’s attitude about your team, business and especially the market, “says the consultant.

A survey by the International Stress Management Association, points out that 72% of Brazilians are dissatisfied with the work. The problems asked were: lack of recognition, excess, relationship problems.

“The traditional management prioritizes the result, the profitability of the enterprise, the construction of a brand or a product with the potential to lead a market. In other words, the view is from within the company out. The company aims to introduce its vision and market value. 3.0 management already this movement is inverse, the management prioritizes the market and its requirements, including the company’s employees. This innovative model, unlike the traditional management is stimulated the vision from outside to inside the company, prioritizing the notion of purpose that is, its reason for being and the benefits that the product or service can generate in society as a whole, “he says.

Marcelo Scharra, 3.0 management account does not involve just the way processes are addressed within the company, but also as the collaborators involved see their contribution and the Corporation itself. “Companies that operate differently which has in its Declaration of value tend to discourage employees, since they see the value in purpose and want to be part of something that have full proud. 3.0 Management gives human resources management the opportunity to engage employees so deep and genuine. The same happens with the marketing management, but from the perspective of the consumer.  In a world full of dilemmas and political, diplomatic and challenges related to the environment, the contemporary marketing walks along the same lines of management 3.0, putting in first place the sustainability and purpose “, emphasizes.


Marcelo scharra

Marcelo Scharra’s business manager and management consultant from Inside Business Design. Degree in business administration from PUC-SP, with a specialization in finance from Insper. The Inside is a management consultancy, which identifies, proposes targets and helps solve strategic issues, showing effective results in the short term. Is also a lecturer and contributor of the entrepreneurship centre of Insper. Source qualified to talk about business and people management, empreendedorismos, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and luxury market. http://insidebd.com.

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