• 27/02/2020
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3 ways of using a corporate TV

3 ways of using a corporate TV

Discover all different ways of using a TV in your company.

We always talk about the importance of the IC and many benefits they can bring to your company and employees, but also, it is good to remember the TV has several ways of being used. Understanding the best option to your audience is vital to your IC’s success. Therefore, check 3 ways of using a tv in your company down below. This tool can and must be used to get even better results.



Through the corporate TV, the IC area can share general company announcements and personalized ones, like, for example, in birthdays, presidents quotes, new employees, etc. The important is to bet on diversity of information (shape and content) to explore the Corporate TV.



You can deploy a TV in your company that dynamically and in real time presents a dashboard with goals, measurements, project deadlines, etc.

Consolidating all these indicators in a single attractive channel facilitates the visualization and understanding of the company’s processes, in addition to contributing to transparency. We already talked about it in another post, click here to access.

Infographics, automated through integrations with your systems or through spreadsheets.


A Touch TV can have the same contents as the Corporate TV and the Dashboard, the difference is the possibility for the employee to interact by touching the screen to select the content (material and/or editorial) that he/she wants to consume, in addition to other interactions, such as likes, surveys, etc.

Deploying a new channel is quite a challenge, but with planning, everything works out. If you are in need of your boss’s approval to ensure a TV, app or other channel deployment, see our tips in this post.

Did you like it? If you still have doubts about how a TV would work in the company, try the digital wall and find out in practice how it works, on a daily basis it is much easier to understand what works for your internal audience.

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