• 16/03/2020
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4 advantages of a menu board

4 advantages of a menu board

Make the presentation of your products more attractive with a menu board.

A consumer’s purchase decision is influenced by several reasons, one of which is visual attraction. There are plenty of ways to exhibit products, but to guarantee good sales, it is essential that stores, bars, restaurants, etc., stand out with solutions that keep up with market trends.


Do you already know the menuboards?


They are digital panels, which serve as a kind of catalog. A modern, attractive and dynamic resource to show your company’s options.

Menuboards are used mainly by food chains, but any company that has a menu of products can enjoy the benefits of this tool, which is able to improve communication with consumers and increase the number of sales.

In addition to these benefits, what else do menu boards offer?


Shopping experience

With changes in consumption habits, customers are increasingly demanding and providing a different approach is a very effective way to attract them. The menu board, is a non-static option that retains attention and facilitates the purchase, because the consumer will have more visibility of the options, choosing faster what he wants to buy. This optimizes customer and attendant time.


Targeted communication

With well-defined strategies and target audiences, each product can be targeted to an audience keeping in mind the options of dishes, store movement and other factors.



Menuboards are long-term investments, unlike printed options, which need constant maintenance, generating printing costs and waste.


Quick update 

As already mentioned above, the management of the contents in a digital board menu is immediate and has no limit, several products can be displayed and with different prices and promotions. Update everything quickly and without leaving your desk.

B2Mídia has the perfect menu board solution for your business, which will bring all the benefits mentioned above. We also have a specialized team that can help you design the right strategies for your sales to rise. Oh, and there’s more, you can purchase our animation packages, which are made exclusively for your brand and your audience. Watch an example of animation, here.


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