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5 internal communication books

5 internal communication books - B2 Midia


To celebrate the national day of the book, we list publications that all internal communication professional should read

On day 29 of October is celebrated the national day of the book, the date honors the National Library of Rio de Janeiro that is considered one of the ten largest in the world. The library was founded in Brazil in 1810 by the Portuguese Crown. To celebrate the date and reinforce the importance of reading. We list the five books on internal communication that every professional should read.

Faces of culture and organizational communication, author Marlene Marchiori: the work expands the understanding of the complex phenomenon of culture and communication in organizations of contemporaneity. His analysis collaborates to the understanding of organizations as entities as well as for your development process. The central proposal of the book is to deepen the study of culture and organizational communication, so that makes it possible to build a frame that will explain and generate meaning in the advancement of the theme.

 Communication as a factor of Humanization of organizations: the book treats the theme of communication and organizational contexts in us humanization two sub-themes: the Organization as a space for dialogue and construction of meaning; and communication as place and process of humanization of the Organization in labor relations.

Internal communication: Integrated force by 12 articles of executives and market researchers, the book seeks to show the diversity of the industry and professional challenges in a world with increasingly minimization or extinction of boundaries, where business management decisions, even the most mundane, have its wheeling increasingly dependent on communication model adopted to disseminate them.

Breathing Endomarketing: written by Analyses of Mann Basu, the book the basics on internal marketing and how to use it to motivate employees, while also teaching how to do strategic planning of internal marketing focusing on training of staff to meet the needs of customers. To download this book, click here.

Business communication (concept, application and importance): in this book you will have a bigger vision about the importance of internal communication and the internal marketing for your company. In it the Agile Company highlighted the fundamentals of business communication, i.e. everything that encompasses the communication of a company, since internal communication and endomarketing until communication in times of crisis. Download by clicking here.

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