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7 endomarketing actions apply in your company

7 endomarketing actions apply in your company


Discover how to combine the CI and internal marketing and apply in your company strategically

Endomarketing actions are as important as the internal communication plan within companies. According to administrator human resources specialist and professional education and technology Telma Zechariah, there are some differences between internal marketing and internal communication. “The internal marketing aims to improve or

facilitate the motivation of employees, already is a communication link between sectors of the organisation. That is, if this breaks the communication link is misleading and can cause collapse. Telma still learned that although different the two are allies, since one complements the other. “It’s much easier to convey information with thoughtful and planned strategies for each different situation. So seven separate actions of internal marketing that you can deploy in your enterprise. And if you want to know all about internal marketing just click here and download our e-book for free

Establish channels of internal communication-communication name says it all, and if you want to communicate and communicate well with their employees, create a channel to make this interaction. As I said, the presenter Get-together, “Who does not communicate, if trumbica”, this is a valuable tip to create interaction between the public and the company. There are several platforms on the market, among them are the corporate TV/Digital Mural and the application procedure. In addition, it is important to provide alternatives to hear employees. Establish two-way communication channels, where each employee can give your opinion and receive a reply.

Define a training focused on company culture – this is an essential part of the internal marketing, is in this stage that the developer is already starting to integrate the company. Institutional values must be seen by employees as part of himself, moreover, it is necessary to make the whole company including leaders and managers understand the importance of these values that many times, they are seen as models to be followed by other officials.

Awards and recognition programs – these methods are the best ways to show employees the value it has to the institution, and that their efforts are recognized and compensated. There are several ways to reward, for example, a day off, a trip sponsored by the company, passports for parks, show tickets, cinema, bowling alley and even a certificate.

Offer benefits – this doesn’t have to mean a big expense for the company, but shows the developer he is recognized and valued. A tip is to go in search of partnerships and partners, with close to the workplace, such as academies, language courses and restaurants. Another way is to introduce flexible working hours or options like home office (work at home). Besides benefiting its employees is a way to promote more quality of life, increasing productivity and building a positive image about the brand.

Promote collaborative meetings – personal relationships has a lot to do with the professionals, so further moments of relaxation and integration among employees. The most common are, happy hours, but you can go further, for example, study group, physical activities, social campaigns etc.

Unmotivated employees? Then it’s time to invest in motivational activities – are important to keep employees satisfied with the work and acting at its best level of productivity. Browse to perform activities such as lectures and motivational seminars, focused on what their employees need to hear.

Time to see the results-the best way is to conduct research to identify the institutional climate. It is necessary to evaluate if those strategies are working. For that, you can perform searches of satisfaction among employees.

“Engage employees and show that with this process, everyone will win and show for each of its importance in the deployment process, it seems simple, but it’s not, because I have a whole culture involved in context,” said Telma, so the main tip of the expert is dedication and persistence. And remember endomarketing actions cannot only be used at a time when the company is going through a hard time, internal marketing planning must be drawn from the values of the company and be very well structured to achieve its real goal.


Telma Zacarias-Human resource specialist and professional education and technology.

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