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Allied research in planning their TV corporate

Allied research in planning their TV corporate


Meet 11 valuable tips in time to insert a new communication tool in your company

The B2 Media begins a series of stories that will clarify the ways to make your Tv corporate work. Questions such as: what to spend on programming, who is, like to draw the attention of the developer and even what language should I adopt will be answered in the course of this series. Starting with research, very important step in the implementation of a project.

Today, we will discuss how to make pre-deployment planning their corporate TV. Remembering that this tip applies not only in the insertion of the communication tool, but it can be used in professional routine. How, for example, in the development of a digital marketing strategy for the company’s Web site.

Doing a search efficiently with employees

In General, the institutional research serve as means of evaluation and personal satisfaction of employees. These results may provide data to help prevent turnover and create a more productive work environment.

Another factor that can disrupt communication is the generic responses of employees. According to Professor of strategic management Paloma Santana, the way we asked and the incentive to answer the questionnaire define the success or defeat of the strategy.

  • Adopt a relaxed tone in questions, don’t let the question too extensive, she needs to be more clear practicable;
  • Offer small gifts to the filling of staff;
  • Keep the anonymity of participants, it is important to have the maximum possible perceptions;
  • Ask questions about issues that are important to employees.

Questions like: what do you think of the company’s internal communication? Do you like technology? What do you think of having a television programming on your desktop? What would you like to see on that programming? What would you like to know about the Organization?, can be used in time of creating this questionnaire, but it is important to note that these questions are likely to change, because the strategy be different in each case.

Before installing you need to plan

In addition, the placement of the corporate TV is more than just a financial investment, she modifies the organizational culture of the institution. Their deployment must be made strategically, allied to the goals and always communicative needs of the institution.

The key word for this is “planning”. Is to make a complete diagnosis, to understand the needs of the company’s communication with the new vehicle. In this sense we have listed some points that you should highlight:

  • Make a quantitative research among employees, in order to know what they think about the new means of communication;
  • Within this research highlight what officials would like to see in this schedule;
  • From the answers what type of content is interesting on Tv, this is important since the same, will viewers of novelty;
  • What types of employees that I want to impact with corporate TV;
  • Access to content can be made of other mobile devices, with for example, cell phones, tablets and IPADS;
  • What are the areas of the company are weaker with regard to strategic alignment of information;
  •  How many TVs I will need and in what places they are installed.

Talking about this last point on the decision of where to plan strategically position their tv spots, the commercial Director of B2, Renato Thompson, indicates that the point is a place of a lot of movement of employees, but that at the same time not get in the way of production. Living places, such as coffee or the cafeteria are the best options. “This is not a rule, there are customers who place the TVs inside the operation,” said Thompson.

In addition to these tips, it is important that the management make a comparison of the efficiency of other media that the company already carries, for example, the warnings in frames. This is important, because after the implementation of the corporate TV, you can do a survey of increased people users and hence the greater number of employees who are more connected to the news of your company.

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