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Body language makes all the difference

Body language makes all the difference - B2 Midia


Learn how body language brings more customers to the company and helps in your negotiations

How’s your body language?

A good resume may not be enough to guarantee a successful career. It is common for people with excellent qualifications and experience to lose good job opportunities by transmitting negative body language at the time of the interview. Therefore, the language of the body must be taken seriously by every professional.

And it should be a business concern as well, since body communication can either help or ruin a negotiation.

For the psychologist and supervisor of career counseling, Leonilda Lopes, it is important that companies invest in training on body language, since professionals who have a positive language can increase the chance of the number of customers grow up.

Lopes also points out that being in the sharp-tongued language can help even in the moment of asking for a raise in salary. “It’s no use only highlighting their good performance, you have to be safe when you express yourself, that’s the great secret,” he says.

Knowing the importance of body language, we list four tips on how it can be useful in your work life.

Body language makes all the difference - B2 Midia


A weak handshake may show insecurity in front of the interviewer or the client. Already a tightening in the right intensity – neither weak nor too strong – demonstrates confidence for the receiver.


Body language makes all the difference - B2 Midia

Look into the eyes

Looking away is a quick way for our brain to escape from uncomfortable situations. This damages the image of the professional because it causes an impression of unpreparedness.


Body language makes all the difference - B2 Midia

Voice tone

Speak at the same speed and tone of voice as the interviewer or the client. People who speak very fast and loudly are eager and this is never good.


Body language makes all the difference - B2 Midia

Demonstrate agreement

Gently shaking your head indicates that you are paying attention and that you agree with what is being said. Being stationary all the time may cause the impression that you are disinterested and bored with the conversation.



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