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Breastfeeding and the workplace challenge

Breastfeeding and the workplace challenge - B2 Midia


           Learn how important the participation of the company and the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and for your organization

From 01 to 07 of August is celebrated World Breastfeeding Week, created in 1948 by the World Health Organization, prioritizes the concern with child mortality. Targeting the importance of breast milk for the baby, in 2008, was sanctioned the law which extends from 120 to 180 days maternity leave.

To help moms at that stage, some companies joined the citizen company Program, and receive the benefit of maternity leave for six months, and may have tax advantages with tax rebate, promote spaces where the mother can breastfeed, offering room for milking and storage of milk, as well as flexibility of working hours and to provide daycare for that employee can be closer to her son in return to the corporate environment.

This is the case of our partner Flexform, the company specializes in chairs and armchairs to the corporate environment has a special room for lactation. “The lactation room needs a good structure, with fridge, Chair of breastfeeding and a registration in the Ministry of health. When the employee returns to work and is still breastfeeding, she receives instructions from our team of health and uses the room to do the milking. Every time that the employee feels the need to do this milking it communicates your manager and go to the room to do the process, after she makes the milking, the milk is stored in the fridge (as hygiene standards and the Ministry of health), she can get the milk for home at the end of the day, “says Shireen Prakash , spokesman for the program.

The Flexmamãe program runs from 2014 and the employees who become mothers may use medical assistance within the enterprise during pregnancy, informative with instructions from the first to the last month of pregnancy (vaccines, choice of motherhood, baby care). “After the discovery of pregnancy, HR searches for the employee to explain how the program works, she is entitled to two breaks of 15 minutes during the day to a balanced snack, receives a congratulatory card, in addition to pre-natal, she also passes on a monthly basis to our occupational physician and in each query receives a treat for your baby layette and take a picture so that at the end of her pregnancy she gets these pictures together with a maternity kit, “says the spokesman.

FlexMamãe program room

FlexMamãe program room (Flexform Disclosure)

The machine operator Maria Theresa Regina, who already participated in the program said it felt a diva with the care during pregnancy and on the way back from maternity leave. “Without doubt, the collaborator back more confident at work, just producing more and better, because she knows that the company supports this moment”

Our collaborator Ruana Brito, who is Gani as first-time mother, recounts the challenges of balancing breastfeeding and work life. “I went back to work when the Manu, had three months to live, I felt ready to return, but without doubt the discomfort of a breast already used to suction a baby still screamed desperately for milking. The effects are different, the weight of the breast, pain, discomfort and in some cases even leakage of fluid, you need to always walk with a second piece of clothing in the bag, “says.

Proof of this is the statement of Rafaella pediatricians Calm and Ana Laura Kawasaka, 4Kids Health portal. “Keep breastfeeding after returning to work is a great challenge for mothers. They have difficulties with the milking and milk storage, because usually there is a location in the company intended for this purpose and there is concern about the flexibility of timetables so that she has time to carry out proper milking. Without the correct milking can occur decreased milk production and greater risk for early weaning.

The pediatricians, count that breastfeeding is indicated by six months for all national and international bodies and that breast milk is the best food for the baby for having all the water and nutrients needed. In addition, it provides protection against respiratory infections and diarrhoea, as well as reduce the chance of diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension in adulthood. The early introduction of artificial milk or other foods can cause allergies, infections by the risk of contamination and improper dilution, as well as lead to prejudice in this benefit for immunity and health of the baby and breastfeeding mother, “they declare.

To keep your employees safe and motivated, the company’s stance is crucial at this stage of breastfeeding. “The company should be aware that has important role for the welfare of the mother, the baby and the family. The breastfeeding mother when he returns to work already carries the recoveries of the return itself and the fear of not being closer to the baby. The company that provides the well-being and health of employees, also promotes, highest rates of productivity and employee satisfaction “, declare the pediatricians.


Dr. Rafaella Calm and Dr. Ana Laura Kawasaka, pediatricians 4Kids-Health portal a space online to consider the challenges of mothers and children during growth.

Izabel Pushpika Happy Vilela, spokesman of the Flexmamãe project and one of the responsible for the HR of the company.

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