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Challenge in time to deploy internal communication

Challenge in time to deploy internal communication - B2 Midia


Challenge in time to deploy internal communication

For the expert in marketing and in love with Telma administration Brito, the biggest challenge to deploy internal communication in organizations is the relationship of trust between employee and employer.

Another problem faced by various professionals of the communication is to make the team of managers if interest in the shares. “When we began our work in an organization, the first step is not to communicate the internal public in General, but to convince the audience of managers about the importance of CI,” he said. According to Telma if leaders do not see sense in it is unlikely to be effective internal communication.  The Viviane Mansi, Global Manager of Branding and internal communication at Votorantim is: “before the general public of some action, contact first your manager”. That way he’ll feel inside and not be caught by surprise.

The top management understand the sense of internal communication, may still be the biggest challenge in this area, even bigger than the little money intended for the actions – another point highlighted by the professionals in that they often or almost always do much with little.

To Telma, organizations are increasingly producing content, and that we must work together, with less control of information, enhancing the fluency of significant conversations that actually makes sense to developers and leverage internal communication. Once, this communication is made clearly, objectively and without noise can influence the behavior of employees leaving them safe and motivated.

To strengthen this idea of Aberje research shows there is a market trend in the communicators with its expertise, work on coordination of internal communication, counting with the support of professionals from other areas. According to the survey, internal communication needs the strong involvement of a network of committed collaborators with the flow of information of interest to the internal public. On the other hand, professionals with training in communication, in particular those that occupy management positions, start investing in new knowledge, such as mathematics, finance and statistics, essential to master the language of the Executive world, based on numbers and quantification, enabling thus to plan, deliver and evaluate tangible and intangible results, since 34% of these professionals are journalists.

But not everything is so bad, there are ways to conquer this crowd. A tip is to create an open dialogue, it is essential to keep employees informed about everything what happens in the company, including the progress and future plans. Encourage questions and comments. Another suggestion is to encourage the sharing of information, employees are likely to read news and industry trends regularly, so offer them a place to share that information. In addition to bringing confidence, disclosure of information can be useful for business.


Telma Brito-Expert in marketing and business administration, Professor of management course at Senac.

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