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Choose key people that deliver content

Choose key people that deliver content


Determine your company’s managers to generate content of their industries and feed your TV corporate

The news channels that let the corporate TV or the Digital Mural, more updated daily are great for entertainment and interaction of the employees, but the news about the company, are important data that must be entered in the programming. This type of information, are usually transmitted to employees through e-mails and meetings for leaders and managers. So, why not choose people who deliver key content related to your area to generate news indeed interested in employees?

In this way, the demands do not focus only on one person, causes the team to communicate more, and participate in the construction of these news. In addition, managers become allies of the communication in other internal campaigns.

On company Geodis-air and maritime logistics specialist, management of content captured by B2 Media works by collecting data that are processed later in television content easy to understand. The writer collects the relevant information from each sector, distributed by the Manager of the respective area, as for example, TI, HR, commercial etc.

As we have already said, the tv is a great ally in time to strategically communicate with employees. An example is the firm gelatins Rousselout, B2 ‘s partner, the company that is a global leader in the industry used the corporate TV in a Valentine’s day campaign, where the area responsible used a continuous improvement program that already existed in the Organization and intertwined to Valentine’s day. “Any employee who perform any kind of improvement, participated in the draw and ran for a delicious romantic dinner. The corporate TV was our main channel of communication in this campaign. Disclose the draw, the rules and the photo of the winner, “said the Human Resources Assistant Ellen Mayana.

This is a way of engaging your developer and attract them to relevant matters which subsequently appear on tv.

Many companies, bet and invest in communication with customers, this in fact is a strategy that generates profit. But often forget to give such importance to their own employees. Work with pleasure and quality can generate more leads than simply commercial strategy.

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