• 09/01/2020
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Day of the it professional

Day of the it professional - B2 Midia

On 19 October, day is celebrated the “Day of the it professional”, this profession emerged along with technological developments. With the extinction of typewriters, came the computers, monitors, processors, keyboards, mouse and many wires. And of course! The need for a specialized professional to take care of this sector and thus was born the technician profession. In the mid-‘ 90, the vocational college is called “Data Processing”.  This figure, is essential within the corporations and has outstanding characteristics in his personality. Usually they are nerds, geeks and are connected all the time.  That is, on 19 October, would never fall ill say “Happy Towel Day”.

This animation was created by B2 media and is available in our Manager, if you want to use this video can download at our download page of animation of the day of the it professional.

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