• 10/01/2020
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Difference between corporate Tv and Digital Mural

Difference between corporate Tv and Digital Mural - B2 Midia

Physically the two tools are the same, are led and LCD monitors scattered at strategic locations that pass information to employees. When used strategically, both the corporate Tv, as the digital Mural are great allies in the dev or engagement in any company-specific action plan. So, what differ?

The answer is simple: the content. The corporate Tv as the name implies, is based in tv content. Already the Digital Mural, transforms the physical, digital mural.

The idea of video commonly found in corporate TV replaces any still image, motion, speed and language, compare the programming of the channels open. In other words, is a selected tv programming to its internal public. The contents can be different, one of the products produced by the B2 is the electronic magazine, this option is made in the form of news. The project consists in the presentation of the main company news in a format familiar to the developer. The way people consume information must be taken into account when choosing programming and even a tool of internal communication. Therefore, the electronic journal is a format that works, since it is common to get home and watch television programmes with this dimension, but it’s familiar, television news broadcasts credibility and confidence of who watches.

                The Digital Mural, very effective in the past decade brought reported in papers in the mural that communicated its employees. Today, days many companies still use this same method, even those that already have the Digital Mural, or corporate TV. The Mission of the Digital Mural, is nothing more than turn those reported in prints, facilitating understanding and making more interactive as possible. The schedule also called playlist brings content such as, corporate rates, warning, animated layouts, transitions etc. Remember that both the Digital Mural, as in TV corporate content who chooses is the company itself from their needs.

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