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EBook-communication with leaders and Employees

EBook-communication with leaders and Employees - B2 Midia

“Communication with leaders and employees has been gaining more and more qualified space in organizations, whether within the scope of Human Resources, either as one of the pillars of corporate communications” Viviane Mansi

Last Wednesday (31), the team of the Media gave prestige to the release of B2 Ebook – communication with leaders and Employees. The work brings together articles from graduate students of organizational communication and public relations of the Faculdade Cásper Líbero. The book was organized by Bruno Carramenha and Viviane Mansi which are subject matter experts. The professionals debated the theme communication between leaders and Employees, and opened the discussion to the guests of the event.

The ebook consists of 21 chapters and covers topics such as communication, leadership and appreciative, mediate dialogues, Rite: the first impression is the one that is, communication on periods of uncertainty, such as major organizational changes and shutdowns, the path to efficient communication.

The book also contains cases of internal communication, for example, held at International Paper Company, a global leader in paper and packaging.

“Conceived to target specific audiences, the campaigns can succeed in transmitting the messages and on accession. Some campaigns of IP were highlighted by their relevance and adhesion between the professionals of the company. Among them is the campaign that reinforces the company’s culture, the Way IP (IP Way), which was worked into the lead with announcements signed by the CEO of IP and to other professionals “teaser, Fernanda Ramos

To learn more about this case and communication in corporations, download the free ebook:

EBook-communication with leaders and Employees

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