• 16/03/2020
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Efficient communication = Happiness and productivity at work

Efficient communication = Happiness and productivity at work

Good internal communication can increase your team’s productivity.


The labor market model has changed a lot and so have employees. New generations are more concerned with the positions and attitudes of organizations, so companies are investing more in welfare for employees.

Feeling good at work, gives the employee a feeling of belonging and appreciation, which triggers several effects such as increased self-esteem, motivation and engagement.

According to the University of Warwick, a committed and happy employee can produce up to 12% more. This research was made with 700 participants, they were invited to eat chocolate and watch a clip of a comedy movie. Upon returning to work, his personal satisfaction levels were measured, reaching this result.

The results of this research show us that feeling happy at work is not only a benefit for the employee, the company also reaps the benefits of this, with a willing and productive team.


Align the objectives between management, leadership and employee: with the objectives aligned, you will move in the same direction and in search of the same results.

Better transmit messages: communication failures interfere a lot in a company’s results. Knowing how to communicate and, above all, having credibility is fundamental to the success of an organization.

Recognize your employees better: humanization is everything. Who doesn’t like to be recognized for having done a good job or for completing another year of business?

Provide relaxed environments and actions: the campaigns (such as children’s day, mother’s day, etc.) and celebrations are perfect for engaging employees and promoting more interaction and dialogue between everyone.

Today, with the advancement of technology, the IC area of your company can rely on digital channels to carry out all these actions that we have mentioned above. A Corporate TV and a mobile application, for example, offer you many possibilities and even measurement of results, so it is easy to prove the efficiency and importance of the communication area.

What you need is to develop a strategy, understand what is the best channel for your company and BET ON IT?

So, are you ready to leverage CI and increase the productivity of your company’s teams? B2 Media can help you! Contact us here.

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