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Email marketing the villain or the good guy

Email marketing the villain or the good guy

Rock Guide Content written by various experts argues that the digital marketing email marketing is still the of the time and that contrary to what many say, this kind of marketing is still a very strong reality in the market, accounting for a significant increase of sales in digital marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the career consultant Denise Farias, complains that the company’s employees in that work doesn’t use e-mail and ignoring announcements that are sent there. “I opt for other means, such as the meetings that take place during the week, so all employees are informed.”

Already the marketing analyst Rodrigo Thiago, who agrees with the guide said that the way the tool is used is influencing the final result. “It is necessary to draw up a strategy to increase sales or service offered is achieved”.

Sending emails can be divided into two categories: e-mail marketing and newsletter. The first is focused on acquisition, requesting subscription, download some material or application, conversion, purchase of product or service.

Already the newsletter, is focused on retention-search better relationships through relevant content that can assist in the everyday life of the reader. For example, a customer who bought a running shoes last week, in this case it would be interesting to send some material talking about how to keep your running shoes. Even the user already have bought the product, he remains in touch with the brand, creating a close relationship.

Follow best practice tips for you to apply in building the right email:

  1. We must separate what email matches each persona: which managerial positions. This practice requires a keen knowledge of who you are attracting and where you plan to take each one of these people;
  2. One of the most common mistakes is to buy email list, this acquisition may bring very low return on investment since not all these contacts will result in addition to the company’s sales could look bad for the market.
  3. Be careful not to be seen as a SPAMMER, the trick is to create an email that does not have spam Guy:
  • Take it easy in the use of terms such as free, click here, promotion, credit, free etc;
  • Take it easy in the use of graphic signs, be careful to use the color red-she tends to be considered more spam due to the large amount of retailers that send emails with stronger colors to draw attention to the sale;
  • Don’t put the whole subject on HIGH in your email BOX, also limit the subject to approximately 50 characters.

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