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Employees engaged, loyal customers

Employees engaged, loyal customers - B2 Midia


Employees are the first who must be under

On 15 September day is celebrated the day of the customer, the consumer is the greatest asset a company can have, and more important than that is the good relationship between the two.

Much is said when it comes to retain customers, but before that we need to engage and enthrall collaborators, the famous “internal clients” are the first that should be under. That is, the enterprise should treat developers as clients and use motivational strategies so they can transmit it to external clients.

Lucas Burza, founder and Director of communication and content of the Agency believes that staff trained Linka and empowered the company to reflect the customer.

“This is a point here in the agency that we have enough affection. Linka Training! Although we are a very creative technique, why the need to keep everyone aligned with the innovations and best practices. We believe in fact that people trained and qualified reflect the company to customers. A team of educated, skilled and attentive will shine the eyes of customers and cause them to think twice before changing. In fact, he is a lawyer of the company and may generate more profit for the Corporation through statements or even cross and up-selling, “the Pro.

Actions developed by HR, marketing and internal communication are great allies to keep employees engaged, especially in times of crisis, internal changes and even personal issues on the part of the developer, it is important that none of these factors are transmitted to the client. “The client may not know what happens internally in the company. Therefore, it is recommended that agents are trained to deal with any adverse scenario, thus minimizing the risk of hurting the company’s image vis-à-vis customers. Even in times of internal changes, such as exchange of managers that impact more directly in the process, it is necessary to maintain the standard and follow a predetermined service plan, not to harm any of the sides: the company and the customer, “emphasizes Marcio Arnecke, Director of Marketing for Zendesk to Latin America.

Studies point to earn a new customer costs seven times as much to keep an old one. Data also indicate that loyal customers are responsible for the generation of up to 80% of a business.  “With these data, you arrive to the conclusion that companies must invest in customer success (success), which implies, first, in service training and the tools that will help your work. Freebies and discounts are well consolidated relationship practices, but these benefits by themselves do not cause the client to be faithful to the brand, “says Marcio Arnecke, Director of Marketing for Zendesk to Latin America.

For Maggy Correa dos Santos Simões, franchised the restaurant Gendai Premium, before a customer loyalty, it is essential that it pass through a process of dedication and have quality products. “The customer is loyal to its last cup of coffee, but for him to remember you have to go through the whole process of dedication, quality products, a lot of attention and affection of truth, because he is our greatest treasure and surprise with something he never dared try IE, every experience has to have the memory of ratatouiile, that leads to the best time of your life” , says the professional.

It is crucial that before customer loyalty and prospect new customers, companies have in mind that your employees are happy in their working environment.

Learn about the differences between internal, external and personal client

Internal customer: is one that is within the company – the official.

External customer: is who buys the product or service of the company.

Personal: client is the one who influences the employee’s personal and professional life. Are family members and friends who tend to buy with that company on the friendship that has.



Lucas Burza holds a degree in advertising at FAAP with specialization in political Marketing at ECA-USP, Burza has worked at McCann, Almap and TV Bandeirantes, before founding the Agency Linka. In the Agency he is responsible for communication and content.

Employees engaged, loyal customers - B2 Midia

Márcio Arnecke graduated in business administration from Universidade Feevale, Novo Hamburgo (RS), and has extension courses in Marketing. Resident in United States for 10 years, the Executive is in Zendesk from 2013, when he assumed the Office of Online Marketing Manager LATAM. Currently, he is Director of Marketing for Latin America, responsible for leading a team of marketing managers, for all digital activities and lead generation in different segments in the region.


Maggy Correa dos Santos Simões is owner of the Gendai Premium restaurant (Japanese cuisine).

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