Sport: good for health, good for the institution.


We all know the importance of sport to maintaining our health, and best suited to each person according to their preference, ability or need. Your binding is associated with overruns and achievements, through training, persistence, discipline, study and improvement. Sufficient reasons to teach to the corporate world.

The Marketing is a set of activities to meet the needs of the consumer. Can be understood commercial or institutional form, the latter being quite used and not aims to immediately promote sales, and create favorable public attitudes and behaviors (internal and external) with the business. The main objective of Marketing is to strengthen the Institutional image, or get support, encompassing various tools, where Public Marketing involves, Cultural Marketing, Sports Marketing, Environmental Marketing, Community Marketing, Marketing staff and Ecological Marketing.

Any brand/business needs to appear in the market and thus the sport can be an excellent tool for corporate visibility, generating credibility. Therefore, it is important to know the target audience, objectives and future audience, before closing a partnership with any sports activity, Club, sport. Communication with the public in this interaction is different from a marketing focused on immediate sale. Although the sale of product or service is the basis of the economic support of any business, in an institutional point of view the sale is in the mind and heart of the consumer, in reputation and in the creation of affectivity.

Companies must communicate with customers responsibly and sustainably understanding that the same has a citizen and other consumer side because the market itself guides for this behavior. This communication can be also with the internal public, as a way of bringing the brand for a magical moment, fun and healthy. We can take as an example, a motorcycle dealership that sponsors a cycling ride by campana "A world car free day". Due to this partnership the store starts to put in your portfolio that support the transport on two wheels with or without motor, emphasizing his engagement in sustainable, promoting causes close to the site, social networks, photos, Clipping, t-shirts and verbal form. This company's attitude makes the difference, motivating people and strengthening its branding.

Sport is health and a healthy company, is committed to the planet, the society and its public. With strategy, objective, continuity and creativity, add your brand to the sport and reap gold medals.


Success and good deals!

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Fabio Torres

Professor, Lecturer and consultant-Marketing and HR specialist

Owner of the Mercury T&D