The importance of internal communication

Understanding the importance of internal communication in organizations

It is a fact that good communication within a company is essential to the positive development of the team. The study conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Brazil points out that 76% of 300 large companies interviewed, sets the miscommunication as the main failure of projects of different areas.

It is not enough to have a team of highly motivated talent. If she is not well informed, if its members do not communicate properly, it will not be possible to enhance the human force of the company. (Alberto Ruggiero, 2002).

The cheap comes out expensive. A survey by Aon Hewitt held 400,000 258 professionals with global organizations, reveals that a desengajado contributor can cost about $ 10 in 1000 annual profit. Teams that don't get along, blown away, without planning routines can mean injury to business strategy.

A good internal communication planning results in effectiveness at work and assertiveness in the management, strengthening relations between managers and teams and relationship between areas.

"An important factor of internal communication is to make all employees share the victories of the company even if it's not the final part (commercial/sale) of the chain of production of the company", says the co-founder and co-CEO of ABlab, Paulo Fernandes. 
Internal communication is also responsible for transmitting messages clear, cohesive, and the improvement in the work routine. It is important to know the profile of your employees and keep updated of new profiles. As I speak here, companies need to fit contemporary generations bring with them new demands to communicate.
"With the increase in staff to keep the message and the uniform understanding becomes practically impossible task without an internal communication strategy and training of new and current employees", says Paulo Fernandes.

A job well done internal communication allows to structure a correct distribution of information: the right data to the right people, which prevents misunderstandings, errors or rework for accumulation or lack of information, says Ashwini Civa Kirch, managing partner of the Capital Information, advice and consultancy in communication.

For the Expert Val Civa Kirch, don't worry about the internal communication is the main mistake of the companies. "When a company misses this factor, may face serious problems, ranging from relationship failures, causing dissatisfaction in the workplace, the loss of productivity and revenue," says.

Proper channels of information are essential not to miss time to communicate. "To identify them, it takes a professional analysis of the environment and of the teams, which will define which shapes more convenient access to data – usually more than one. Is a mistake to think that creating a Journal-Bulletin Board, Intranet, corporate TV or Digital Mural is to solve the internal communication: this process goes far beyond that, and goes through careful assessment and planning of generation and distribution of information, "says Val Civa Kirch.

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GlauciaSaritha Civa Kirch is managing partner of the Capital Information, advice and consultancy in communication with headquarters in São Paulo/SP and branch in Porto Alegre/RS. With 15 years of experience in journalism and public relations, journalist graduated from Unisinos, with postgraduate studies in Social media management and expertise in integrated communication by ESPM-RS, has acted as an editor and reporter for the Daily Baguette portal, in addition to working in the Press Office of the operator TIM and on the portal Terra Networks. Throughout his career, Soha received awards and recognitions such as the XV GS1, Automation Award, Webjornalismo Award and Assespro-RS 30 Years-Highlighted in journalism.

Paulo Fernandes Paulo Fernandes is co-founder and Co-CEO of ABlab and has over 15 years of experience in technology, consumer electronics, entertainment and games. Graduated at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, between the experiences also includes community runs, customer support, marketing, sales, operations and marketing Trade initiatives and departments.

DeboraDeborah Monique-Bachelor of laws, with graduate studies in International Corporate Management and a degree in interior designer by Panamericana de arts, specialized in the area of organization and human development and has training systems organization, OZ company affiliated with NAPO-National Association Of Professional Organize, and Coach of career and personal life, and Vocations by the Brazilian Institute of Coaching – IBC. Is the founder of ANPOP-National Association of professional organization and productivity. In addition to being formed in psychoanalysis by the CEP-Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies and owns the company OrganizUp – organization in broad sense.