How to use the Digital Mural of your company?


Endomarketing actions to deploy on your digital mural: holidays, cultural competitions are alternatives to engage employees and use the company’s tv productively

Today, separate actions to be deployed in your organization’s digital mural, after closing the tv service some corporations do not know how to use it or don’t know what actions or how best to use the tv to communicate with its employees. The main secret to impose values, engage the Professional with the company culture. Is the content that is being broadcast on channel of interaction, in this case, the digital mural.

As already mentioned here, the internal marketing digital is great ally in this regard, the professionals responsible for the internal communication of the companies can use this tool to communicate quickly and maintain a large number of employees informed. A survey conducted by Audit and Spot media research, points out that people who receive information through tv remember 70% more compared to other media.

Holidays, cultural competitions, awards, birthdays, awareness campaigns are ideas to perform actions of internal marketing in the digital mural.  In addition, actions developed in the digital environment generally are cheaper than the mainly by the cost of physical production, distribution and measurement.

Deploy actions on digital mural of your company effectively

Valentine’s day:

To engage its employees, the company Rousselot took the “Valentine’s day” to conduct a contest at the company. To participate, employees should send a proposal to the company’s continuous improvement program, the winner would win a romantic dinner. How to use the digital mural? The tv was big ally in publicizing the raffle: worked to publicize the raffle, the rules and the picture of the contributor. After the draw, the winner had his photo and his love disclosed in the company’s tv.

Children’s day:
In Geodis, company in the transport segment, employees should send photos of when I was a kid. The action was literally a game of guess, the photos were broadcast on tv with a numbering without revealing the name of the contributor. The proposal was that colleagues know who was who as a child. The winner would be the person who hit the most people and would receive an award on 14 October day. The winners had pictures and names revealed on tv.

Plant a plant:

The company SPC Brazil, implemented a sustainable action. The suggestion was that its employees to grow plants to send photos of their developments to appear on tv. The result was amazing and the staff charged to the plants to appear on tv.

Corporate interest videos, warm clothing campaign, solidarity actions, alerts with themes: Pink October, November blue. Holidays, birthdays of the day, business goals, information about the work environment and celebrate the arrival of new employees are also popular actions in digital murals. Those responsible for introducing content on tvs have a freedom to use creativity to create campaigns and cultural contests corporate entities.