Which generation you identify? Take our Quiz

If you were born after 80 years, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re generation X, personal culture and events in your country, besides the formation and even the neighborhood you lived, can say a lot more about its features, than the mathematics of the year you were born.

Or state categorically that you are part of generation Z, for example, if you were born after 1995. Based on that, we created a Quiz for you find out what generation you identify, based on your personal choices and not only on the date of his birth.

According to the Futurist speaker and President of 5 Years From Now-a space for reflection on the future of business, Beautiful oak, be a X is not easy, she says it’s young people, but the generational behavior is old. About the Y the expert points out that companies take advantage of what this generation can provide and provide. Already on the communication in companies with so many generations. “The company should expose that prepare to communicate with all employees of all generations, hear and create an environment where collaboration feel at ease, at home.

Take our Quiz-if your result comes back positive you’re generation X, if is negative you’re Y, do the test now and find out!


OAK BEAI-generation X or Z

Beautiful oak CEOlab consultant and futurist speaker and President of 5 Years From Now ®-a space for reflection on the future of the business. Award-winning advertising with 4 Lions in Cannes, is part of the Repensadores network, and the collective London Futurists. In 2010, received the award for excellence, FIESP. A degree in Advertising from ECA-School of communication and arts of the University of São Paulo. Was a partner and Vice President of planning the advertising agency TBWA , where planned for local and global brands.