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Expert to generate your internal communication

Expert to generate your internal communication

Learn how to hire an Expert to generate your internal communication

You’ve probably heard that sometimes the cheap comes out expensive. This is one of the things that you should consider the time to hire any supplier to your company. The idea is that you hire an Expert in the subject, the right organization will make your communication strategy really works.

Then we go to some important points to think about when you’re hiring an Expert to generate your internal communication.

When we talk about internal communication, is no different. At the time, to quote the values we must also search on that supplier. For example, ask for references, check if she pays taxes, pays the FGTS to its employees. This is important, because if any labor problem occur with that vendor, could harm its image.

Another tip, already cited are references and cases already prepared, recommendations are great to get a feel for the day to day functioning of this agency. A briefing is essential to place the goals of your company in details, assemble a proposal with their real intentions and long-term average. The service is also a relevant factor, meet the company headquarters. This is the case of B2 media, at some point in trading the prospect goes to the Office to make this visit, taking the opportunity to get to know the areas and how each can help your project. Another factor applied to the B2 is the management of content that brings the ease of communication management, animations in special dates make your day by day, increasing productivity since you don’t have to worry about in an elaborate content for the date. The monitoring is done on a daily basis throughout the day, some monitors exposes Corporate TV online channels and Digital Mural, if one is off the team get in touch immediately to solve the problem, recently adopted the whatshapp that became essential for sending photos of the stations which meet some anomaly.

According to the HR Coordinator and Marketing company Flexform Daniela Lima, one of the advantages of B2 is the way to work strategically. “It can be said that B2 is a leading supplier of FlexForm, a relationship of partnership. The B2 participates in the communication strategy of our company, that because she works since the elaboration of the design, implementation and until the results “.

If you believe that the Media can help in your B2 internal communication. Please contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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