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Financial planning in internal communication

Financial planning in internal communication - B2 Midia

Marketing departments, financial and communication must align annually financial planning of internal communication

Financial planning in internal communication is a big challenge for media professionals and internal marketing. Many times is doing more with less, organize events and elaborate celebrations within the company is not an easy task, especially if budget (budget) are short.

The ideal is to create a plan that contains arguments capable of convincing leaders about the importance of performing a commemorative action on the force. Taking into account data, demonstrate that the approved budget was well used and, especially, the return that the company will have on a given investment. It is important to highlight official dates as: mothers day, fathers day, friend’s day, children’s day, Christmas, birthdays of the month among others.

Usually these events are defined in conjunction with the human resources department can request suggestions from employees themselves. “Actions of this type are not spending and Yes. Example: Christmas hamper, Fraternization, scavenger hunts in the day among others. The employee motivated reflects directly in the profit of the company, “says Elaine Baloch, consultant and master in business administration for results and a founding partner of the consulting firm Troow.

The expert points out that a good financial planning in internal communication, must be done annually through a budget for distribution, in this case, the marketing or internal communications with the Department of finance. “The budget can be reviewed every six months and usually this plan is determined between October and November following the larger goal of the company, usually EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization)”, he explains.

If the budget is not approved or just part of it, appeal to creativity is an alternative. Gather a group of collaborators and bet in customized party favors is a cheap option and that leaves no important dates pass blank.

interviewedElaine Baloch is partner at Troow Consulting and consultant Black Belt master in business administration management. Worked in several world-renowned consultancy, still work for large networks of franchises and franchisors. Has dozens of courses in the area of management, national and international. Specializes in transforming businesses into franchises.


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