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Gamefication to enhance the value of the company

Gamefication to enhance the value of the company - B2 Midia


Gamefication can be applied on several fronts and be used as a strategy to win over the public

Gamefication on the desktop is a fun and interaction to strengthen the brand value. Players of “FarmVille” on Facebook is an example of Gamefication. Are actions of websites, social networks or companies who see in the interaction with your audience a smart and fun to reinforce the company name.

According to Marcelo Montone, digital marketing expert and founder of Nommad.id, this process of engagement is not new. He began to be used in early 2000, but has gained visibility around 2012, and currently shows all its potency. In addition to entertainment, games can be applied on several fronts and be used as a strategy to win over the public, expand the membership products, generate consumer engagement and expand sales.

“Companies can benefit both internally and externally by the idea, provided there is proper planning, clear rules for implementation and use, active monitoring of the actions and target well defined, since, for that goal is achieved, it is imperative that the targeting of actions,” says Montone.

The consultant says that the market still has good examples of the success of ‘ gameficação ‘. Some cases that are in accession are currently the languages applications that purport to teach a new language through digital platforms. In these, the student needs to sample and complete challenges to level up and gain access to new lessons. For him, this process encourages learning and fixing the article more easily.

In addition to the conquest of engagement, you can also use the gameficação in the corporate environment, with the internal marketing. The strategy can ensure the performance of employees, leaving the more playful obligations.

“Make the funniest routine, associating rewards the actions, promoting competition, generating recognition on the part of the organization comes demonstrating effectiveness in people management, career assessment, increased productivity and improved business performance, as the team’s satisfaction increases, the quality of the work follows and the results are relevant,” says Montone.

The proposal is already demonstrating success in large corporations such as Google and is a trend that deserves study for implementation in the coming months. “It is important that companies are aware of the exact moment to bet on such opportunities and ensure that they are used effectively in favor of the business, aligning and meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders. The next market changing every day and companies need to renew to accompany this transition, “she concludes.


Marcelo mantoneMarcelo Montone is formed by the PUC, with specialization in Marketing from ESPM and Miami AD School, Marcelo Montone comes for 18 years researching and specializing entirely in internet and digital agencies. The expert has starred in successful cases and answered important accounts such as the Mayor of São Paulo, the sports brand Penalty, banco ITA, of MIP Brazil Farma, Coffee network, the sports brand Asics and construtora Tenda. With research and innovative techniques, Motone shows increasingly as a breath of innovation within the Brazilian marketing.

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