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Games room in the workplace

Games room in the workplace - B2 Midia


A way to motivate and keep the official fall into routine

Games room in the workplace is a way to motivate and induce the creative process. It is very common that the developer decrease productivity or find creative barriers when it keeps on the same task for prolonged periods.

This is a problem especially for functions that require creativity and engagement of people. Come to think of it, some companies allow a relaxing environment with arcades, where the developer can turn off the various demands and regain the focus and energy you need to perform its activities. “Pauses for activities like games room, online and offline (Board Games) are tools to help people develop a new look on the same topic/project and retrieve the creativity, because aren’t as burdened as before,” says Paulo Fernandes-Co-Founder ABlab.

This is the case of B2 media, here we have a game room, where the staff can stimulate the creative process and unwind from the daily demands. “Even with flexibility in timetables and roles the environment of startups can easily overload your employees with the demand of attention on multiple fronts simultaneously and the amount of information traveling in a short space of time,” he explains.

The main reason of this practice is to not let the developer fall into a routine, the professional who is used to always do the same things, no longer challenges that leave motivated and so the work becomes tedious.

“This overload creates stress and often hinders the delivery efficiency and prioritization of collaborators, so have moments of relaxation, that desplugam people of the day to day tasks help reprioritization, in the development of the sense of urgency and in identifying creative opportunities to solve problems more effectively and be more productive,” says professional.

The games room is also a space where the company and employee may be closer. It’s a form of socializing employees and assists in the process of social development, identity creation and encouragement of collaborative culture.

“The Board Games definitely work to socialize employees. Online games already approaching people with similar interests and stimulate competitiveness between pairs, in environments with greater flexibility has positive effect on productivity and assist managers to find personality traits to be worked out, “I concluded.

Paulo Fernandes Paulo Fernandes is co-founder and Co-CEO of ABlab and has over 15 years of experience in technology, consumer electronics, entertainment and games. Graduated at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, between the experiences also includes community runs, customer support, marketing, sales, operations and marketing Trade initiatives and departments.

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