• 09/01/2020
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How did the corporate Tv?



The Bamerindus Bank pioneered the use of tv corporate

In Brazil, the corporate Tv began to be used in the mid-‘ 90, the Bamerindus Bank, pioneered in the use of institutional tv. The company born in 1971 as Brazil’s Bamerindus Bank/the innovated on way to communicate its employees and customers. The Bamerindus tv communicated on three pillars: training, audiovisual and business newspaper wall for customers. Journalists, all bank employees, were responsible for feeding the content on tv, the Bank had more than 1000 agencies. The news was aired on VHS tapes and provided approximately 2000 to 3000 copies of every 15 days for the entire country. Can you imagine the work of these professionals to do this information move?

The corporate tv Bamerindus lasted from 1991 to 1997 and was a success at the time wasn’t very advanced technology. Gradually other companies also joined the audiovisual communication, among them: the Bank of Brazil in 1997, Senac, Rodobens company (responsible for putting into practice the satellite operation in the country), among others.

According to Claudia Lemos and Rozalia Del Gaudio (2003, p. 257), the corporate media has intensified at the end of the 19th century, mainly in Europe and United States. The goal was to bring back information from trade unions and improve the income of workers.

Times have changed and the corporate tv has gone through major transformations, and today can be accessed through LCD screens/LFD, installed at strategic points of common living.  This tool is a great ally of internal communication, which has evolved each time more in the way of communicating. In recent years, even the way of capturing images has changed, the “selfies” and broadcasts in videos are already being used in corporate tvs companies. It is understood that this is another way of bringing company and employee.

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