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How to apply the Storytelling

How to apply the Storytelling - B2 Midia


Learn how the B2 applied the technique of Storytelling on father’s day

Last Friday (05), the B2 Media held the day in the company, and we apply the technique of Storytelling to give parents of employees and the dads of B2. Learn how to apply storytelling in special dates.

Tell a story! That was the strategy. We contacted the mothers of the employees who told us a passage from that family life was important for father and son and certainly both remembered. The writing team was responsible for retelling that story and bring a more literal to the episode. Pictures and objects were delivered to the team that put together a Scrapbook book, with photos, texts and objects. The content was divided into three parts: the first, a story told by his mother, the second a story told by the son to the father, and the father’s day statement.

Imagine how many stories! Had daughter switched at birth, adventure on a track in Paranapiacaba, boyish mischief among many others. One of the differences of this type of work is that each parent receives something bigger than a remembrance of father’s day, he gets a piece of his life told in an illustrative way, it’s like having that suit in his hand. In addition, the physiognomy of the parents to read the stories appreciated all the effort of the team, to rescue those memories were smiles, laughs and looks that said thanks!

In addition to the stories, in the case of parents who had small children who could not make a statement, we decided to explore the little hands and feet to convey this message of affection. No doubt it was a pleasurable and very significant that we baptized as “Daddy’s journal”.

In addition to this, the parents were received by children in the company and participated in a round of pizza with a round of video games, a lot of talk and complicity.

You like that action, check out other ways to celebrate father’s day in the company and the animation that the B2 prepared Media for parents ‘ day.

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