• 16/03/2020
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How to get more out of your Corporate TV

How to get more out of your Corporate TV

Signed contract, active platform: and now, what do I do with my TV?


When we implement a new IC channel, the expectation is very high, both for employees who are anxious waiting for what will come, and for the project sponsor (who defends the implementation and bets on the channel), who works hard, innovates and supports that works and helps to achieve the company’s goals.


The IC have some fears and they are norma, which cannot happen, is to let the channel die or “cool down”, it is necessary to preserve the “boost” from the beginning of the project. It is important to remain calm and remember that every channel needs time to stabilize.


SPC Brasil is an example that everything we mentioned above is true, with a lot of dedication, they keep their Corporate TV (active since 2015) in a growing line of success:


“We usually work in a very good mood and we wanted to bring this to this material, so we created a character who was passionate about SPC Brasil, and all his “wrong” actions would not be done on purpose, at that moment Manoel de Vidas-Boas and the Specialist Doctor, a pseudo-magic figure who appears in various situations to raise awareness of our protagonist. Along with the episodes, a chapter of the Manual of Good Practices is published on our intranet, making official what was said in the episode. ”


Videos and animations make all the difference in the programming grid and make your TV much more attractive (B2 Mídia offers weekly animation for download, see everything here).


Do an analysis and identify what you can take off the paper and take to your company’s Corporate TV, in many cases the fault is not in the communication itself, but in the way of communicating. Think about it!

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