• 09/01/2020
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How to mount an Internal communication plan

How to mount an Internal communication plan - B2 Midia

To create an Internal communication plan, you will need an internal diagnostic, objectives, organization and tools for communication to be effective. Reading as well, until it seems easy, but it’s not like a cake recipe, the single ingredient present in all cases is the diagnosis, but is different in each situation.

So, let’s talk in more detail about each stage. The first, the diagnosis is the step in which the Professional detects the reason for implementing the plan of action, which can be various, such as change in organizational culture, bring a lighter environment, promote quality in work, eliminate radio pawn, change the concept of the brand, work the mission, vision and values, engage employees etc. It is also in this step that you need to listen to your employees. Before any progress in the plan’s need to deeply understand the State of the team.

The administrator Human Resources specialist and professional education and technology Telma Brito, told that we need to take into account the expectations of employees for the company and the job, if the internal policy is consistent with the culture of the enterprise global policy and if there are vehicles of appropriate information for internal communication.

After the diagnosis, it is necessary to plan and formulate your strategy always seeking the Organization, in this case the best mechanism to assist are the Excel spreadsheets indicated Bashir.

Another suggestion is to identify what are the strengths and weaknesses of the current policy, then it is time to define the goals. “Usually the communication plan is filled with patchwork, these flaps are small Allied strategies close the communication plan,” said Telma. The expert also said that at the time of defining the objectives, it is important that the new policy is simple, realistic and transparent.

With all the strategic actions planned is time architecting the execution of all of them. That’s where you come in, the information will be used, which can be from meetings and lectures to brochures, suggestion box, Journal of business, TV corporate, Digital Mural, intranet, e-mail, corporate radio, mobile application etc. Another key point is you narrow down all these actions, with the general goal of the company.


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