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Internal Marketing Digital

Internal Marketing Digital


Understand how to work this tool in corporations

The internal marketing digital is the junction of the internal marketing with technology, is a way to use digital platforms to communicate and closing company and developer.
It is a fact that the technology is increasingly interfering in the behavior of people, facilitating their routines and the way they communicate. In the corporate world is no different, multiple platforms are innovating communication within companies. The internal marketing digital is one of the tools that is contributing towards agility along with technology. But this is not new, the intranet that say … This is a very old mechanism used in companies for a quick, low-cost communication.

For Marcelo Montone, Marketing Specialist, digital media (apps, blogs, tv corporate, digital murals, intranet, among others) are more efficient compared to traditional models of communication (newspaper, mural, brochures, newsletters). “I’ve worked with digital marketing for more than a decade for large construction companies, banks and other companies. Even in an age where the phone had not even had a camera and internet speed too slow, people already used in their work and computers were connected almost all the time. The social network Orkut was exploding and organizations began to understand that the channel of communication with its employees had changed, the murals, circulars and even the events, lost a lot of space for Exchange of information on digital channels, such as corporate Intranets and portals, “says the expert.

Companies who understand the need of technology within corporations, they’re definitely a step ahead of its competitors. “Actions taken in the digital environment generally are cheaper than the mainly by the cost of physical production, distribution and measurement of the actions and the results that they have provided,” says Marcelo Montone.

Social media has already ceased to be an interaction between friends and today work as work tools. “Digital is the only medium that allows the push pull, & two-way of information. The role is not clickable and not alimentável by the receiver. Soon, obviously, if we have in the Palm of your hand an intuitive platform, simple and easy to use, fast, where we’re not only listening, but also the agent, the protagonist, issuer and information producer, of course this intuitively and instinctively stimulates the response and interaction. Only the digital media does this real and measurable ways, “says Felipe Iacocca, Managing Director of NO. Agency, agency specializing in marketing influencers.

For the expert, the digital marketing generates more interaction than magazines and brochures printed. “Not to mention obviously the character of exclusiveness, it is much easier to receive content or send a message by email where there are all the time listening to you physically. Digital also offers the magic of log, index and big data, where all processes are automatically recorded and saved. Data before or imagined can be collected by building a huge value proposition for breeding and real information and feedback, “he says.

According to the Managing Director Felipe Iacocca, there is no disadvantage in digital marketing. “The paper is just a means of transportation of information. Has its strength and durability, good conversation with some niche audience, but today can be completely replaced. My recommendation is that companies always have at least one social network and an internal marketing application. In all cases, the UX (usability), ease of access and simplicity of language are the goals to be achieved, “concludes Felipe Iacocca.

See tips to increase the interaction between the developers of digital form:

How’s your digital environment? Works on smartphones? Offers interesting services? Provides communication tools between people?

-Work the multimedia content, videos are more entertaining and consequently lead to greater engagement.

-All text is not interesting, be succinct, straightforward and clear.

-Tools for measuring results, know who are users more engaged and reward them. Create a climate of healthy dispute in the company in order to encourage the use of the tool for all employees.

-Offer variable compensation plans based on meritocracy and make everyone know who the best of company.

-Innovate, careful not to fall into the sameness, the biggest problem of abandonment of an intranet is the lack of renewal of content, benefits and services.

-Learn to keep a live project like this costs money and dedicated team.

-Do research with your users, they can only indicate that the tool needs to improve.

Marcelo mantone

Marcelo Montone is formed by the PUC, with specialization in Marketing from ESPM and Miami AD School, Marcelo Montone comes for 18 years researching and specializing entirely in internet and digital agencies. The expert has starred in successful cases and answered important accounts such as the Mayor of São Paulo, the sports brand Penalty, banco ITA, of MIP Brazil Farma, Coffee network, the sports brand Asics and construtora Tenda. With research and innovative techniques, Motone shows increasingly as a breath of innovation within the Brazilian marketing.

Felipe IacoccaFelipe Iacocca, 35 years old, graduated in advertising at ESPM MBA, FAAP and more than 15 years in digital career includes spells at UOL, MapLink, Cyber Cook founded the portal I love Trip, is current founder of NO.: Agency and led media projects and award-winning campaigns for major brands such as ITA, Visa, P&G and Airbnb. Both have been consolidated as references in the market of marketing influencers in Brazil, having participated in the creation of more than 450 advertising campaigns in the period of two years.

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