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Learn how to identify the public their corporate TV

Learn how to identify the public their corporate TV - B2 Midia


Four steps to meet your audience time to deploy your TV corporate

What attracts your staff? News about Brazil and the world, weather, what is the status of traffic on the roads, news about the company, advertising, entertainment programs. Anyway there are many ways that the corporate Tv can relate to the developer. But first you need to identify the public their corporate Tv.

The HR Manager of the company Flexform Daniela Lima, said the deployment of the TV project, there was initially a research, already cited in the previous post Allied Research in planning their Tv corporate, but the action worked there. “We decided it would be cool and would make perfect sense with our organizational culture and speed we need have to report the news.”

“Organizational Culture” that is. As you know, the whole company has its, this is not a prescription ready, is based on these factors is born not only the audience but also the language adopted, subject to talk about in the next post.

The definition of the term “organizational culture” is connected to the set of concepts and habits, norms and beliefs, rituals, values, and experiences that are responsible for giving a description Specifies for a given group, in this case the employees of an institution.

The best way to get to know your audience is just doing research, and it can be adopted not only on internal communication, but also in the search for a new client, for example. Ideally, individual research, about the values and interests of his collaborator. In addition, you can create group dynamics and even in conversation more distracted by managers and team leaders.

  1. Set a goal, where do you want to get, for example, the intention is to establish link with the developer;
  2. Individual research with employees;
  3. Reinforce the culture of feedback and performance reviews. 360-degree assessments allow you to identify development opportunities and capacity building among the leaders on your team, it helps to compose software tips content or courses that interest the developer, for example;
  4. Use in the questionnaires and humanized language.

From these data you already know your audience. Another tip is to create visually who are its employees, a tool that helps in this creation is the buyer persona, there you can add features and even names for their personas that’s one way to create fictional characters that describe the behavior patterns, is fairly used in marketing activities through research.

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