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Learn how to include the professional PcD in the company

Learn how to include the professional PcD in the company - B2 Midia


The law requires that companies with more than 100 employees include two to frame 5% with PcD

Article 93 of law 8,213 establishes that companies with more than 100 employees complete two to 5% the frame with PcD (disabled person). When it comes to social inclusion in business, it is important to note that you must also offer suitable conditions for hosting the specifics of all.

Unfortunately, some companies still don’t know how to make the integration of these professionals in the team. To the psychologist Tania Bueno, the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in enterprises should result in changes of concepts and in the way of seeing the world.

“Culturally speaking, Brazil has an experience even small relative to social inclusion. To include need to consider the structuring of the systematic process of warning, monitoring and development of Dcps contracted to promote the move in the company’s Career system, in this sense, the company must prepare for the expansion of opportunities for all kinds of disability so that people with disabilities can develop their skills without any kind of prejudice ” , account Pro.

A study of the Brazilian human resources Association (ABRH), National Isocial and Catho, pointed out that 81% of recruiters hire people with disabilities and 12% hire regardless of the law.

Tips to include PcD in the company:

  • Take the inclusion as a corporate value;
  • Change the view of the matter, that is, transfer the focus of disability to the potentialities of the PCD;
  • Dilute open and veiled prejudice;
  • Raise awareness and share responsibilities in recruitment, reception, integration, development and movement in the company;
  • Adequate open spaces across the enterprise;
  • Investing in environmental adaptations;
  • Flexible processes and procedures;
  • Predispose favorably to receive, hire, support and develop.

“It is crucial that as every human being, the PcD is treated with respect and dignity. Recognizing some of their limitations in carrying out some activities, however, focusing on their potential and charging results, after all, is healthy all have goals to be met within the organization. It is also important to remember that it is not appropriate to treat with paternalism and overprotection Professional with PcD, not to harm your personal and professional development. Handle is not synonymous with paternalism and Yes to follow, learn and teach in a way that is shared, and devoid of prejudices “, ends the expert.



Tania Bueno is a psychologist, postgraduate in psychodrama from PUC-SP and post-graduate in domestic violence by USP-LACRI. With operations in more than 20 years in private companies and organisations of the third sector in social and educational area with an emphasis on teaching in interpersonal relationships and job market for teens. Experience in training and development of teachers. Strong performance in the elaboration and implementation of projects, in addition to recruiting, selecting people with disabilities for large companies, training of people with disabilities, awareness of managers, development of learning and teaching programs for young people.

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