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Learn more about Design thinking

Learn more about Design thinking - B2 Midia


B2 Media employees had the opportunity to meet and put into practice the technique of Design thinking

Have you heard about design thinking? To better understand, the Media received the B2 University Professor and Coach, Roberto Ueno, who taught the creative workshop. The coach emphasized the importance of all employees to express ideas that can help in the growth of the company and developer.
To exemplify, the co-creation of our corporate Tv aimed at facilitating business communications, whether between employees, between company, suppliers or even with customers.

Design thinking is a co-creation methodology divided into three pillars:

Empathy: the ability to put yourself in the place of another.
Share: have multiple people in a team and addressing all points of view to validate and create values.
Testing: testing phase, purposes and projects to suit a reality.

“It is a method where the human being makes a difference and develops projects to another human being,” declares Roberto Ueno.

Here at B2, our employees have had the experience of living the design thinking in practice. Several actions were carried out in a group, where employees had the opportunity to express ideas to leverage the development of the company.

For our developer, Raphael Macrini, apply the design thinking was of great importance to “open your mind” and realize that every idea is welcome, as crazy as it may seem. “If you fight for what you want, show what can be done, the company and the developer can grow together. And it is a motivation for each employee not save ideas and express opinions that can generate a good result for everyone, “he says.

For Roberto Ueno, every organization that wants to grow and wants to stand out you need to have a differential, and for this it is necessary to create a system of constant innovation. “The path of business success is innovation,” he emphasizes.

Constant innovation is the mission to create a competitive advantage in the medium and long term. This is important for the company to have stability in the future. All project developed by design thinking, combined with team management platform makes each employee to feel engaged in participation to create value for people and for the company, in a healthy competition where everyone participates.


Roberto Ueno-Design ThinkingRoberto Ueno is mathematician and physicist, professor of cursinho, undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA. Master in information systems and knowledge PMI. Lecturer of personal finance and Business Model Canvas, Design thinking for entrepreneurs and Educators. Scholar of innovation management and creation of social business and startups, technical analysis of the capital market, financial mathematics and Social Business. Known as Netweaver for articulation in countless communities, fostering a new entrepreneurial mindset. Was co-organiser Startup Weekend leader Change Maker Guarulhos. Is facilitator and co-founder of the INO9 Group.

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