• 10/01/2020
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Lighthouse bass on Highways

Lighthouse bass on Highways - B2 Midia


New Beacon bass on highways

Stay Tuned!

From the day the law comes into force 7/8/2016 that determines the use of the Lighthouse Low during the day on highways.
Failure to do so is liable to a fine of R$85,13, in addition to 4 points in the wallet.

The measure to improve safety on the roads was defended by the Rapporteur of the matter in the Senate, Senator José Medeiros (PSD-MT), who served as federal Highway Patrolman for 20 years. For the Senator, this is a fairly simple procedure that should contribute to the reduction in the occurrence of frontal accidents on the roads and save countless lives.

— The Brazilian transit is one of the most kill in the world. It’s almost 50000 fatalities per year. This proposal, in addition to not have costs, may result in fewer accidents — Joseph Medeiros said.

The poor visibility was singled out by the author of the proposal, Mr Rubens Bueno (PPS-PR), as one of the main causes of traffic accidents on the highways. According to Bueno, “the drivers involved are still reporting that not viewed the other vehicle in time to attempt a maneuver and avoid collision”.

The new law amends the Brazilian Transit Code. Although the National transit Council (Contran) have already edited a resolution recommending the use of Lighthouse bass on highways during the day, the understanding is that a standard with force of law would take the drivers to adopt the measure.
Stay tuned and transfer that information to all drivers.

This video was developed by B2 and provided Media stop our customers of Digital Mural/corporate Tv.

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