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Paralimpiadas: 6 inspiring stories you should know

Paralimpiadas: 6 inspiring stories you should know


More than nostalgia, the Paralimpiada 2016 will leave stories of resilience, perseverance and attitude that must be remembered constantly

The Paralimpiadas is the sum of sports and stories of persistence, resilience and motivation. How many times have you failed to perform an activity out of fear or because they do not feel capable? Stories like the athlete Daniel Dias who was born premature without the legs and arms is to let any pessimist embarrassed. The condition was not reason to stop dreaming and persist in the pursuit of your dreams today, Daniel is considered the greatest Brazilian paralimpico athlete. Thinking about this and other inspiring stories, we list 6 examples of persistence, decision, resilience, purpose, perseverance, Audacity that the Paralimpiada is leaving for all to rethink the way they see life, the everyday and watch how many attitudes can be taken and how many obstacles can be overcome when you have a goal.

Resilience: the ability of a person to deal with your own problems, overcome obstacles and the ability to make a decision when you have the chance to take a correct attitude.

Monica Santos say … The athlete in the sport of wheelchair fencing, lost function in his legs at the age of 18 years when she gMonica-santosot pregnant her first and only child. Monica became wheelchair by choice in 2002, during to pregnancy received the diagnosis of spinal angioma, and heard from doctors that the best would be to interrupt the pregnancy so that the injury does not move and pressed the marrow, which would cause quadriplegia. She chose to be a mother and today is one of the top female athletes in a year was summoned to the brazilian national team, was the Regional Champion of the Americas and secured the position for the Paralimpiada 2016.

Objective: the swimmer Clodoaldo Silva, better known as “shark paralimpico”, suffered a cerebral palsy by lack of oxygen during birth, which affected the mobility of your legs and motor coordination.

Clodoaldo, began practicing swimming during the rehabilitation process.  After four surgeries, decided to make the swimming that was once a treatment, in aClodoaldo-silva profession. At the beginning the athlete went to the training of coaches and sometimes not fed as it should. Since I decided to use swimming as a profession, Clodoaldo Silva set as objective paralimpica team and today owns 3 silvers, 1 bronze, 1 silver and 6 diamonds.

who looks at Veronica can’t imagine that Hippolytus girl of 19 years have removed a tumor, overcame a stroke, was world champion and again fight against a brain tumor.

Veronica-hipolito Veronica started in the sports world too early, and after removing a tumor at the age of 12 years, with encouragement from his father, the young man joined the race. Started training twice a week and compete with more experienced athletes. At the age of 14 years, Veronica, suffered a stroke was a month in the hospital, made the speech therapist and physical therapy treatments. In 2003, before the world Lyon, in France, the girl was diagnosed with a new brain tumor. But that was no reason to give up. Today, Veronica Hippolytus is silver! In the final of the 100 m T38, she scored 12s88 and won his own obstacles.

Audacity: Bruno Landgraf, is former goalkeeper of São Paulo FC, was one of the possible replacements of Rogério Ceni.

Rogerio ceni-In August 2006, had a car accident on the Br-116 and was quadriplegic, after undergoing two surgeries and 8 months in hospital. The athlete was forced to adapt to several things, including the dream in sports. Replaced the candle for football and today dreams of winning the gold.

: how many times have you postponed a dream, a trip and even a decision? For the athlete paralimpica Marieke Vervoot, no more time to waste.

MariekeThe Rio 2016 games are the last played by Marieke, who suffers from a degenerative disease. With 37 years, provided the documentation that allows it to decide when you’re going to die. In Belgium, the country of origin of the athlete, euthanasia is permitted. This is to provide a death without suffering for people suffering from incurable diseases, this is the case of Marieke. ” I’m starting to think about euthanasia. But, in spite of my illness, I lived what others can only dream of, “he said to the fantastic. The last engagement of the athlete is competing next Saturday (17) to doubt 100 meters in wheelchair racing. After that date, she want to live every moment as if it were the last.

Perseverance: Edwardo, who competes in the 7-a-side football, sees three driving and 4 hours in traffic to train.

Wadia-oliveiraWith dedication, the athlete was elected the best player in the world twice (2009 and 2013). In 2015, led the selection in winning the gold at the games
Parapan in 2015. Edwardo, has direct arm paralysis, and before reaching the podium, participated in tests for some times in Rio de Janeiro, but was refused on account of disability.

And you? What have you done to face obstacles, and persist in pursuit of their goals?

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