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Pros and cons of corporate e-mail

Pros and cons of corporate e-mail - B2 Midia


Email is used by 90% of Brazilian companies. Meet other media to people management

A survey conducted by the company to communicate Social and Digital Base, in April 2016, concluded that the communication channel used by the companies is still the email. The research was performed by digital, had 520 companies throughout the Brazilian territory.

Even with this result, the research indicates that according to experts, the old mail box cause numerous problems ranging from the loss of time in access to it, to the vices of emails, how to store it all files of a function or a company.

“When the statement’s urgent e-mail is inefficient”, this is the view of the production assistant Mariana Fridman Boa Nova radio network. Cassie Arina, a reporter for the newspaper printed Mogi believes that e-mail serves to document and that’s why it’s still so used. “Fell in like people, it is important to maintain a standard,” he said. In the company where they work Mariana and Cassie communicate with managers through Skype.

Already as the best Brazil’s internal communication tools, the research highlights the opinion of Beatriz Patrice, responsible for internal communications for Latin America of the Unisys global services company and information technology solutions. According to Patrice, membership of the companies by e-mail occurs at low cost, for easy absorption and impact on the target audience and mainly by the tool to be inserted in the everyday life of people as something essential to the job.  She explains that other, more effective communication tools in practice, end up not gaining traction, some Developer’s fault-that has a certain “too lazy” to go in search of information – or because of leaders who still see a social intranet or a corporate TV as a distraction and not as a working tool. “We have a very rigid culture in Brazil, which the developer must always be focused on work. So, it’s a question that we need to change, “said Beatriz.

Search results

The email is used by 92.5% of the companies interviewed, but the amazing is little effectiveness of tool that was at 43%. Is a bad enough if compared with the Corporate Social Network, which is present in just over 29% of companies, where the efficiency hit the 100%, as well as corporate Tv, the Bulletin Board and the Intranet. The novelty of the market, which fell in taste of 14.8% of organizations surveyed: the mobile application, proved a 75% efficiency. The tool is known, for its practicality. Employees get updated anytime and anywhere through reports on your Smartphone.

The survey pointed out that the departments that run internal communication at 40.8% of cases is the internal communication Department. Then the marketing in 20.3% of cases, the contractors are on the lowest part of the slice 1.5%, HR with 17.6% and 19.7% are communications that do not have an industry or person responsible.

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