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Seminar IV communication with Employees

Seminar IV communication with Employees - B2 Midia


Large internal communications professionals attended the event and shared stories, married, wedding, engagement strategies and experiences in the area

 On the last day 19/10, the communications staff of Media accompanied the Fourth Edition B2 of communication with Employees. The event was composed of large internal communication professionals who shared cases, strategies, engagement between company and employee and experiences in the area.

Were present, representatives of companies Takeda, Cargill, Edelman, Votorantim, Latam (TAM), G&E, International Paper, Love Mondays among others. The seminar was conducted by professors from Faculdade Cásper Líbero who completed ideas, exchanged opinions and interacted with the audience about the planning of a case of success.  Below we list the cases that called attention and deserves to be shared.


Glow and butterflies

Glow and butterflies are symptoms of a person delighted and surprised. That’s how they feel the staff at Latam Airlines (TAM). The company is undergoing a process of transformation, that’s because a merger between brands and now the TAM. Is the Latam. During this process, the uniform has changed, the layout of the aircraft have changed and the badges are being exchanged. Amira Ayoub, company representative, told how was this process, as the new brand was presented to employees and how the company concerned in particular relating to the trading of badges. This is an important item for employees Latam bearing the mark on chest with pride. The secret of both engagement, unfortunately not found. But it was clear, when it comes to customer loyalty employees attention and care should be made in the minutest detail.

People like us

Renan Fernandes Rosebush, G&E company, pointed to a very important question: use technology to approximate. A leader can review concepts and use technology to engage and retain employees know what happens in the company. In the case of G&E, video transmissions have been great allies to keep employees interested in the Affairs of the company. Is a mistake to think that are professional videos with cameraman. Are produced by the company’s managers selfies when they’re in meetings and events. The videos are transmitted on the company’s corporate tv and other channels of communication.  One of the cases presented was the company’s Manager in a meeting outside in a car with sportswear. The selfies and “sportswear” are details that approximate the collaborators and passes the message from a leader who is “people like us”.

The pain and the delights of internal communication

Eduardo Fonseca, International Paper Company shared with the pains and the delight of making internal communication. Especially in a large company that communicates to various employees of different segments. Many questions have been raised mainly if the communication is received by all the same way. In this case, what to do to convince leaders, engaging employees and show that the crucial role of communication is actually communicate.

 3.0 communication

The company BRF Brazil, realized the company could improve communication and created the project Communication 3.0. In this project, employees from all areas could participate in any form of communication from the company. Contribute with ideas and improvements and even discover some hidden talent.

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