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Stakeholders: discover the role and the profile in companies

Stakeholders: discover the role and the profile in companies - B2 Midia


Stakeholders are profiles that interest you and have interest in corporations 

Stakeholders are people that have participation, investment or actions and interest in a particular company.  The term was coined by philosopher Robert Edward Freeman, when I realized the importance of stakeholders, to corporations.  According to the book Storytelling (the narratives of memory on the communication Strategy) to Rodrigo Cogo, the intention of Freeman was proposing a broader and inclusive vision of the role and purpose of business in society than the doctrine until then in force, and with this raise two questions: who are the interests that are being met and who should be met. The profiles are between: employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, government agencies and even competitors.

The model based on the stakeholders leads the company to search for social equilibrium, which expands its operations and management in an attempt to reach the profit through the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Soon, you could say that the focus on stakeholder contributes to the improvement of actions directed to the welfare of employees, customer satisfaction, good relationship with suppliers and partners.

The contribution of the stakeholders in the corporations vary according to their degree of influence and its capacity of interference in the activities of the organization. “For example, companies that operate in the B&B market, notably where there is concentration of sales in a few customers, end up getting greater influence on their activities from the placement of clients. In some sectors, this degree of dependence on the client can reach 100% of the company, as in some cases mining industry suppliers, aeronautics, automobile, among others.  In the same vein, the ability to influence the financial system can vary according to the degree of dependence that an enterprise has to have financing available for their customers to purchase their products. It should be noted, as an example, the heavy vehicle sector where no acquisition financing, this sector practically can’t leverage your sales, “says Luciano Salamacha, doctor of business administration and professor at FGV Management.

Efficient communication with stakeholders is going through these three steps: recognize them, position them in the correct group and set the objective to be achieved by each group.

-The first group established by degree of dependency, namely that public which the company needs to survive, such as customers, employees and suppliers.

-The second is with the degree of Public Participation, including that the company does not depend on, but who work for the progress of their projects and improvements to its processes, such as consultants, professional associations, community organizations, service providers, among other improvements.

-The third is degree of interference, in which those who may reside, as the name says, interfere with the company’s image, whether positive or negative. Here are the media, whose publications interfere in forming opinions about the brand, and competition, which may, for competition, influence the way to act within an organization or even harm your image.

“Using the correct communication using messages and actions that meet the desires and objectives of stakeholders, it is possible, Yes, influence his decision making. There are internal communication, advertising, Editorial and advertising communication that perpetuate this practice successfully: mapping, knowledge, development and application of accurate message = desired result “says Gambo Civa Kirch, managing partner of the Capital Information, advice and consultancy in communication.

Glaucia also points out that to retain a stakeholder, it is necessary to understand their goals and, from that, create actions and communication to meet these demands. “Keep an audience happy, interested and charmed is the best way of loyalty,” he emphasizes.

Competitors may also be considered stakeholders in a way are part of the public interest in a corporation. “The competitors are part of the public of interest of a company.  From the moment it is important to accompany them, monitor their actions and establish strategies to compete with them, is set to these are, Yes, an interesting part to the business. They interfere in business, although not part of it, “says Gambo.

For Luciano Salamacha, doctor of business administration and professor at FGV Management, sectors related to technology feature this feature and require a constant mapping of competition for the company to continue keeping its positioning in the market. “As an example, the Smartphone market has suffered a strong transformation when Apple released the touch screen with your first iphone. The competition has reformatted, and market leaders like Nokia and Motorola have had their performance strongly impacted.  Sometimes, an accident or defect caused by a competitor could harm a whole sector, contaminating even the company’s own business. A good example is what happens when a plane crash. People are afraid to use the plane and not just afraid of the company involved in the accident, “explains the expert.

Stakeholders are vitally important, as are the stakeholders of a company. IE: all the parts that interest her and care for her. “Its importance is maximum and identifies them requires setting the levels of this relevance. For example: for a given Corporation, customers (who will always be stakeholders) will have the same importance that employees, to another, customers will be more important than business partners. Each of these postures will guide the strategic planning, the actions that will be taken to satisfy the public interest and balance with other public gains as the company “, explains the professional.

The difference between Stakeholders and Shareholders

Shareholder is necessarily public end of the company, any shareholder is sized (from 1 share). Already stakeholders are the stakeholders of a company, who are involved, willingly or unwillingly, with their business. Is there a goal intrinsic to the stakeholder relationship, assuming the generation of benefits for himself and for the company.

The shareholders have influence over the company, once participating in it, but this participation is measured according to the volume/size of your shareholding quota.

Already stakeholders do not depend on legitimate participation, already representing the stakeholders of the Organization, which may vary according to each offer, campaign or purpose. Thus, a skateholder can be, Yes, a shareholder, but also can be a collaborator, the community in which the company is entered, its customers, suppliers and others.


GlauciaSaritha Civa Kirch is managing partner of the Capital Information, advice and consultancy in communication with headquarters in São Paulo/SP and branch in Porto Alegre/RS. With 15 years of experience in journalism and public relations, journalist graduated from Unisinos, with postgraduate studies in Social media management and expertise in integrated communication by ESPM-RS, has acted as an editor and reporter for the Daily Baguette portal, in addition to working in the Press Office of the operator TIM and on the portal Terra Networks. Throughout his career, Soha received awards and recognitions such as the XV GS1, Automation Award, Webjornalismo Award and Assespro-RS 30 Years – Featured in journalism.


Luciano Salamacha is Doctor in business administration, master in production engineering and MBA in business administration and graduate studies in Industrial management. In addition to speaker, acts as business consultant, and is a member of the Board of Directors of national companies and multinationals. He is a professor in graduate programs and a master’s degree in educational institutions in Brazil, Argentina and USA. Brazilian Olympic Institute and Professor at FGV Management, where he was for seven years the best professor of strategy of enterprises in MBAs, and one of the few teachers who were laureates to the honor roll of teachers.

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