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Technology in favor of HR and professional communication

Technology in favor of HR and professional communication - B2 Midia


Technology in favor of HR and professional communication

Learn how the people manager routine and learn tools to help your day to day

The management of human resources (HR) is the main responsible for managing employees within an organization and enhance the internal capital. “Its purpose is to select, manage and guide employees towards the goals and objectives of the company,” explained Luciana Oliveira, Professor of management and business.

According to Luciana quality of life at work directly affects all areas of life – such as social behavior, people and even in health. It influences directly on productivity at work, not to mention the developer’s dissatisfaction.

Within the list of the priorities of this professional include: develop and list companies careers plans; analysing institutional strategies; tactical and operational plans of recruitment, selection, assessment and training of personnel; implement and evaluate workshops, courses and training related to personal development and technical; administer the potential of organizational processes; integrate the sectors of the company and so on.

But the main priority in the view of the HR Consultant Patricia Flowers is the management of people. “I like to employ them and develop them, believe that become better people while producing well,” he said.

This is where you enter the communication with employees. Even with the scheduled routine via calendar and notice in the mail, it’s not always easy to reconcile so many tasks.  An example, which can facilitate the life of the Professional is the corporate TV, also known as Digital Mural she allows effective communication with employees, scanning all the announcements of the mural.

The good of it all, is autonomy, since the warnings can be entered via the web. With this tool, you get not only autonomy, but also time and practicality, as this is an online platform you can insert content remotely.

Another tool which is also available from B2 is the Media application, this mechanism helps, for example, communication with employees who are at the company’s headquarters. The information in the Palm of your hand and in real time, as well as the corporate TV content insertion is made the same way. The benefits are:

  • Speed: greater agility and dynamics in the transmission of information. Write and publish your press releases on your Digital Mural through our web tool in a matter of minutes.
  • Standardization: from development to implementation of the contents in the different points of view, the communication follows the same pattern, regardless of the plant or sector where it is displayed. Excellent tool for companies with several plants, thus facilitating the centralization of internal communication.
  • Economy: Reduce the use of paper and unnecessary offsets. Who is frustrated with a statement that was sent and then was changed by a condition? Reduce the comings and goings, changes to your Digital Mural are previewed in the system and can be changed quickly with just a few clicks.
  • Attention: considerable Gain in retention of dev attention attracts attention with dynamic content. His reported win even more life and attract even more attention when they are made so lively.
  • Freedom: the team of communication have independence from other areas in the publication and management of data from your Digital Mural. Using the channels developed by creative team of B2, its Media reported do not depend on other areas and can be sent to developers so even faster.
  • Segmentation: The information can also be segmented by plants or sectors, each screen is linked to a player. You can give access to people to take care of part of the grid.

But, even with all these features your company, there is no “arms” to generate that content there are companies, as well as the Media that make it B2 for you. In the case of B2, a specialized team takes care of all the content that will be inserted on your way to call the attention of his collaborator.

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Corporate Tv/Digital Mural


And continue the conversation. Share with us any tools you use or have used that makes your day to day.

03/06 is the HR professional’s day, click here and check out the special video we’ve prepared.

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