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“The behavior interferes with the other RH employees”

"The behavior interferes with the other RH employees" - B2 Midia


Patricia Flowers, account of the challenges of the area and what it means for the company and employees

For 23 years, on the market the HR Consultant Patricia Flowers, told how the position of the new Human Resources and what’s your connection to the communication in companies. For many years in the profession she found in the area the opportunity to work with people, which according to her is what makes you well. “I like to employ them and develop them, believe that become better people while producing well”.

The carioca formed in business management, strategic management in Human Resources and compensation specialist, focusing on building and implementation of the plan of positions, careers and salaries, performance evaluation and learning trail in public and private companies.

Even with so many responsibilities she still has time to social networks, are several groups of whatshapp in which she participates or manages. A year ago created a group focused on the area of remuneration. “There we have the whole Brazil professionals connected to the area, the goal is to do a salary survey and compensation practices, are professionals from various sectors”.

In addition to this group, she helps manage five more, with more than 1000 HR professionals who exchange messages about vacancies, selection processes, HR questions among other things. This group including partners with courses to offer affordable prices for members.

Patricia flowers

B2: what do you think about the new HR where the focus is the management of people.

Patricia Flowers: I believe that the focus of HR should always be people management within the organization. As they enter (R&S) as they learn (T&D) and how they develop/produce (performance evaluation) and how should we pay them to retain and motivate.

I believe that the HR should not lose the focus that it is the balance between the company and its employees. The largest HR competence is empathy, not only with employees, but also to the owner of the business.

 B2: what is the role of HR to the growth of the company?

PF: the cool businessman knows that all will grow if you learn to manage your workforce and HR professional is there to assist you in this task.

B2: what does the HR professional in addition to the administrative part?

PF: I believe, that the HR professional is the source of motivation to other employees within the company. When the RH “dress up” the company believes its purpose makes employees engage and commit more. In a company, where the HR professional is in doubt about his work undermines the performance of other areas also. HR professionals need to be more aware that their behavior interferes with the other behavioral employees.

B2: in this new era where communication is King, as the HR Manager must specialize?

PF: acting with internal marketing and seeking transparent communication with all employees of the company. As the HR function is be that interlocutor between the strategy and the operational, communication needs to be clear so that everyone understands and espouse the mission and vision of the company as well as the practice of their values.

B2: Today, HR needs to increasingly improve people management or worry to know more the business to suit the human skills to business strategy?

PF: I think both, meet the People and management tools to meet the company’s business. But, the largest HR competence is your attitude of pro-activity, empathy and generate value for the company and the developer.

B2: what’s the biggest challenge that the Professional is in companies?

PF: train your own man. I.e. acculturate the entrepreneur (owner of the company) in the management of people. We deal with people and by itself it’s a great challenge, apply this person in a company and be good for both is the challenge of any HR professional.

B2: Before the RH was connected only on the legislation or personnel department, what caused this evolution?

PF: the need to understand what the developer wants to not only be remunerated and that he needs to see value in the company and his labour activity. Thinking about quality of life and career is a spring boost productivity. The developer healthy in body mind and spirit triad produces well. Drawing a parallel with Maslow (pyramid of human needs) DP/legislation would be the base, the physiological needs and HR provides auto completion, mainly at work/company. We know that the developer when is assisted in their needs greater value for the company generates. And with the management of people becomes a two-way street. Developer assisted generates productivity generating profitability to the company as soon as the company invests more in this contributor.

B2: what’s the tip you give to anyone who wants to start in the area?

PF: If a student internship. Adds value, knowledge, expertise. Search for a company where work in a structured and HR Generalist.

If you are in career transition, networking. Seek out people who already work in the area and keep in mind you will need to review the wage issue to enter the area as HR Assistant to then climb the career in the area of personnel management.

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