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The results of internal communication

The results of internal communication - B2 Midia


Understand how to work the results of internal communication

The results of internal communication can be perceived on a daily basis with certain strategies that keep employees motivated and committed. The staff are interested in actions proposed by the company. Begin to interact, suggest and be more participatory content for best results.

As we’ve seen here, that is a fundamental tool for organizations. The main objective is to strengthen the organizational culture, causing the employee to be proud to work in a company.

“The results of internal communication are not objectively measurable. But the increased public confidence in company, generated by a good internal communication process, contributes to the increased productivity, reduced turnover and, especially, with the improvement of the image of the company in the market, “says the Journalist, Maura Hayas.

However, it is possible to use data and metrics to monitor the results of IC, is a strategic way to argue in the effectiveness of the tool. And can also be used to demonstrate to employees through corporate Tv, social media, murals, internal magazines among others. The progress of your sector and how the methods contributes to the positive performance of each area.

For Alessandra Moreira, a consultant to the Bridge Group, the main result of internal communication is to connect people in all, involve them in the most important is going on in the company and the market in which it operates. And also keep alive the identity of the institution, on her way to communicate internally and in congruence with the practice in daily life.

“In addition to these results, there is a gain in productivity of teams, because with a communication objective and General challenges of the company disseminated, decrease the misinterpretations and the expenditure of energy in what is not a priority or focus for the moment, the team so you can focus your energy and potential in what is most essential to the business,” says the consultant.

Ale Moreira

Alessandra is a consultant to the Bridge Group, an expert in leadership development projects, teams and organizational development with 10 years in the field of Organizational Psychology. Dominantly, his charisma and high spirits make their customers into loyal and true partners, enabling work to be more and more pleasant and effective. Specialized in psychodrama, ease in conducting groups is apparent and noteworthy, besides the persistence that deposits in projects he believes.

Maura Maura Hayas is an actress, presenter and journalist, graduated in Social communication-Journalism qualification-by Cásper Líbero, in 1996. Has 20 years of experience in corporate communication, with emphasis in business publications, corporate communication and internal communication. She is Director of writing and PressTexto Communication Service, contributing to the work and Internal communication strategies and publications of clients such as Pirelli, Firmenich, Abióptica, Liberty Seguros, Santa Cruz,
Fran ´ ‘s Café, among others. Also Minister of communication training focused on companies and professionals with a focus on improving the processes of communication in organizations

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