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Understand what is Storytelling and the advantages of deploying in internal communication

Understand what is Storytelling and the advantages of deploying in internal communication - B2 Midia


Storytelling is the most appropriate way of telling stories, with real characters who are the employees themselves

In English means “Storytelling” tell a story “, is a major component of Digital Marketing strategy. To Nelson Enohata, partner and Creative Director of Production Workshop, the Storytelling is the most efficient way to communicate. “The message is conveyed in a natural way by a story with real characters that come out of their employees and customers, and fictitious created in script,” he says.

In a company the Storytelling should be done in a language in which employees can understand the transmitted message, avoiding technical terms that may be unknown to the vast majority. The specialist Nelson Enohata, explains that not everything applies to “tell a story”. An example of successful Storytelling is the case for the banco Santander, workshop productions, developed for HR videos with actors staging feedback and other situations with customers acting as clients. “A video with the President speaking to the camera, can give a result much more efficient. But if we seek engagement, involvement, emotion, Storytelling can make a difference, because we created a story with a beginning a middle and an end. With characters that the audience identifies, loves, hates, “declares.

The PhD in History from USP, Professor at UNITAU, Director of speech writing-research and historical documentation, since it relates to the subject for more than nine years, Suzana Lopes Ribeiro, explained that there is a growing number of studies focused on the issue of memory and identity, and particularly vis-à-vis the demand to record the stories of people who built and build the story of their organizations. The Organization of a Storytelling project allows the construction of memory, of history and of the identity of the persons and institutions. The expert warns that it is necessary attention to methodological and ethical issues that the subjects and their experiences and humanize stories.

“I believe Storytelling is important for communication in organizations, as it provides an approximation between the subjects, so that the message chosen is selected and understood,” says Suzana Lopes Ribeiro.

For the professional, organizations can assume a community sense and with subjective meanings that can be assigned by subject to this group to which they belong. In this case, consistency and senses of belonging and continuity in time and space, even in a world buried information. “It is important to say that, to the organizational communication, fire this identification process can be an effective way to do understand important messages and gain the attention of his interlocutor,” he concludes.

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