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Updated content, connected developer

Updated content, connected developer


Know what the best way to update the information on your TV corporate

Coincidence or not, today, is the Day of the media. That’s right! The date celebrates the communication in a variety of formats, such as: tv, radio or newspapers. Noting that the media is the medium by which information is transmitted, as well as you do or want to do on your TV.

In addition to congratulating the professional leading through the internal communication tool for businesses, let’s talk about the frequency in which these messages must be updated.

As already said, there is no ready recipe when it comes to communicating its employees. This depends on the organizational culture of the company, your audience and the amount of information that appear on your organization.

In some partner companies of B2, as Geodis-company of air and maritime transport services. The content is picked up by the writing of B2. The information is collected in loco and rewritten to the television format and included in programming. “The management of content, has helped enough, information is always up-to-date and so, we can put several different information each week. This decreases the amount of emails and communication more interactive and easily accessible, “said Priscilla Lamb HR analyst of Geodis.

But, this does not prevent more news being introduced in playlist, if some new shows. The orientation of commercial Director Renato Thompson is that all content does not exceed four minutes, since usually these TVs will be available in places of conviviality as the cafeteria. “Sometimes that’s where the developer will take that coffee, and in less than five minutes he already informed,” said Thompson.

To keep the content updated daily, there are feeds that do support this role, for example, industry news feeds, news, weather forecast, birthdays of the day, the traffic situation, among others. They are responsible for letting the tv updated, according to the interest of your audience.

Remember, we update the content is the best way to keep your employees focused on tv. The link between the employee and the small screen allows communicators use a more strategic tool.

An example of the importance of the content was given by commercial Director Renato. “You have the option of watching the channel x or y. Of these you’re going to choose one, and will probably be that the content is better, more prepared, more around their interests and that calls your attention “. In other words, not enough content it needs to be attractive to your audience.

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