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Want to be found? Use the SEO

Want to be found? Use the SEO - B2 Midia


It ain’t no use to write text, create and update blogs and edit videos, if your future and potential customers are unable to find what you produced. Better known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is so essential to its strategy as generate content.

The SEO Agency analyst Linka Rafael Oliveira, explained that it is not just a tool to optimize your site for search engines, but also to improve their web presence. To complete what is SEO, WV_Todoz agency partner Cynthia Akao told that the main goal is to make the pages of your website, appear among the first organic search results.

According to the Guidebook on Rock digital marketing Content, Google accounts for over 90% of the searches made by Brazilians and is the busiest in the country. “It is important to note that is a medium-and long-term work and working quite the expertise and credibility of a site or a brand, moreover, is a work to raise all kinds of conversion that will lead to a specific sale, for example,” explained Akao.

According to analyst Rafael recent technique emerged in 1996 and the first known company to use SEO as a marketing strategy was the Multimedia Marketing Group (MMG), its goal was to position itself in first position in the search engine, compared to competitors. “The more we think that SEO is returned to the user that surfs the internet better, since this is one of the principles of Google.

Akao highlights the importance of the mechanism on five topics:

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  • Recognition and brand identity in the online universe, where many companies can be highlighted, being in early position brings the so-called digital recognition;
  • Reference on the subject in this way when we’re well positioned serves as reference to other sites, competitors, market and even to the general public that is looking for that product, service or a simple information;
  • Disclosure of the brand, the SEO help and in the dissemination of a brand, as well as product launches and the like, who appears in early position has its advantages and one of them is to be the highlight of the window;
  • Increased traffic and viewing the pages and amount of visitors, for anyone working with blog and sells its media, for example, there’s nothing better than having a considerable volume of traffic and number of significant views so that it can be a highlight in your niche, SEO can be a great ally; that could bring great results well worked;
  • Improve your cost benefit with disclosure and digital marketing. As I talked about earlier, are techniques with return in the medium and long term, the SEO does not require a lot of updating, although you may need to do a maintenance and keep an eye on updates of the algorithms, so once achieved a good positioning help and with the disclosure that you spend with paid media, in case sponsored links to an institutional campaign , for example.


Already as the best way to use it, Rafael said that the SEO must be present from the beginning of your project. “It is common to see companies that did not adopt the SEO at the beginning and today try to suit these practices, which requires a lot of technology adjustment, therefore, a greater expense to accomplish rework of fitness”.

From the interview with the experts we have selected a few tips for you to improve the ranking of their content:

  • Titles of pages with maximum 70 characters and descriptions of objective pages, are among the techniques that help at the time of publication;
  • Inform the user what he will find on your page between 140 and 150 characters;
  • Attention to the size of images on your website, the more heavy, the greater the delay in shipment;
  • Get the ranking of keywords before setting the agenda and even the title of the article to that I suggest you use Google Trends or other tool as an indicator of preference.
  • Links in social media;
  • Long content-pages with more text have better results;
  • Produces original content and master the topic you want to discuss, explore, as much as possible of words related to the subject;
  • Before producing, do a keyword search, learn how users are looking for on the internet by the subject you wish to address;
  • Use the Keyword Google SERP or Planner, where you do your search on Google to see how its subject is sought;
  • Always use around 500 words and take care of your keyword density;
  • Consider the alternative (Alt) attractive message for your images including the keyword in them. If it is insert name and description in the images also use these terms. If applicable, enter the reference or the claims in the description of the image.


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