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What are corporate social networks?

What are corporate social networks? - B2 Midia


Learn about the benefits of enterprise social networks and tools to deploy in your enterprise

Unlike the common social networks, corporate social networks are online platforms that bring together professionals from a company with the intention to unite, engage and have a team to interact in that space.

“The corporate network is fully dedicated to the development and promotion of the Corporation, namely, search the interaction between employees and the company, however, in favour of a greater engagement of this team with the issues of the company,” says Marcelo Montone Marketing Specialist.

Corporate social network becomes a working tool. It integrates and encourages employees and the company steakholders on a single platform, which benefits the dialogue between all areas of the business. She has the power to issue information in real time and can be used to measure impacts and results of actions that are made by sectors of the company.

Speaking of social networks, you know that there’s a difference between social networks and social media? We can call it social media platforms like Facebook, whatssap, Twitter and Linkedin. The concept of social networks is the gathering of people in the virtual environment.

Corporate social networks came up with technological advances and is revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their employees. However, some companies have not yet joined the enterprise platforms, this is because the term social networking is understood by traditional administrations as a means of interaction and distractions between people. Some companies come to lock platforms such as Facebook, for not understanding that can also be used as a means of communication in the workplace.

“The corporate social network allows the connection of the public involved in the business. In addition, the network can be collaboratively with a focus on integration of employees, can provide more agility in business and information that require priority and takes away jobs that can be managed by the network.  All this generates exchange of experiences and it is possible to detect positive and negative points within the enterprise, all to improve, “says Norberto Chadad, CEO of FIT HR Consulting.

The enterprise platform also helps to retain talents in a corporation, this tool makes the job of HR when there is need to find employees who have a skill specifies. “There are polls that show that the best channel to bring new talent to the company’s environment is the developer himself. So if this type of tool is used internally to register of curricula, or as a platform for indications of other professionals, HR will have a considerable talent, and more aligned with the company’s expectations, and may even work in parallel to replacement portals “, emphasizes Marcelo Montone.

The expert also clarifies that the first sign that the company needs to modernize, is the fact of not being able to reconcile all the work, without prejudice to any part of the process. In this case, you need to assess what really will be effective for the company, since, from a basic platform for data sharing and integration between people, you can add specific tools for each segment, which, in fact, meet the needs and optimize the internal process of each company.

“It is important to note that all departments should be prepared for the use of this tool.  It also has downsides, for example, take the concentration of officials or become a source of “information leakage”. The company must be very aware of the positive and negative impacts of this implementation, “explains Norberto Chadad.

Meet Corporate Social Network platforms

Ning.com: global Tool that has translations for multiple languages. Offers 30 days of evaluation and plans ranging from $ 9 to 99 monthly R$.

SuaRede: First Brazilian private social networking service. Offers 30 days of free evaluation and a single complete plan for monthly 99 R$. Has specific features for firms and the like.

Yammer.com: in English, without translation into Portuguese. Focuses only on social networks for companies, but offers a free plan with many limitations.

Lotus Connections: IBM’s customizable Tool for every need.



Norberto Chadad Metallurgist engineering from Universidade Mackenzie, master in aluminum by Escola Politécnica, FGV Economist, CEO of Thomas Case & associates and Fit RH Consulting, and has “passion for People”.

Marcelo mantone

Marcelo Montone is formed by the PUC, with specialization in Marketing from ESPM and Miami AD School, Marcelo Montone comes for 18 years researching and specializing entirely in internet and digital agencies. The expert has starred in successful cases and answered important accounts such as the Mayor of São Paulo, the sports brand Penalty, banco ITA, of MIP Brazil Farma, Coffee network, the sports brand Asics and construtora Tenda. With research and innovative techniques, Motone shows increasingly as a breath of innovation within the Brazilian marketing.


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