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What does Counseling?

What does Counseling? - B2 Midia



Is an English word and means “advice”, is a tool of human development that uses the interaction between the counselor (Professional) and the customer. The main objective is to help in the decision choices under personal or professional.  The Counseling, believes that each person has within them the resources needed to solve problems and to help. The technique enhances the human relationship and focuses on the person and not the problem it presents.

“The counselor helps your customer to find the best choices for yourself, through tools that enable this client find these answers through a process of self-knowledge and reflection,” explains Prof º Claudio Carvajal-academic Coordinator in the Administration and management of the Faculty of Technology FIAP:

Counseling, Mentoring and Coaching

The three concepts are linked and often work together when it comes to customer orientation:

Coaching operates in unlocking existing skills; mentoring influence on process of wisdom; and the counseling is supported by an individual when faced with a difficulty.

Subject matter expert


Claudio j. Carvajal Jr is coordinator of the Administration and of the course of information technology of FIAP. Ph.d. in Biomedical Engineering, master in Technology Services management, International Executive MBA from the University of California (USA), a graduate degree in business administration from EAESP/FGV, Bachelor of business administration.  Co-author of the books “entrepreneurship, technology and innovation” (Livrus), “business in the service sector” (mind), “administration of Complex Organizations” (Thorsons).

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